Voice Recognition System automates digital dictation.

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CBayFlo VoiceDirect enables physicians to dictate into any digital recording device, such as PDA, tablet PC, desktop, or phone, and have it securely captured for transcription. Featuring natural language processing, it eliminates time of manually transcribing recorded dictation. Customized reporting capabilities through secure web portal enable HIMs to review and manage entire workflow process. System is compliant with HIPAA regulations and technologies.

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CBaySystems Introduces CBayFlo VoiceDirect

Enhanced Voice Recognition System Represents a Significant Cost Savings Over Closed, Proprietary Systems From Dictaphone, DVI and Lanier

ANNAPOLIS, Md., July 6 / -- CBaySystems & Services, Inc., one of the industry's fastest-growing providers of medical transcription solutions, today announced the general availability of CBayFlo VoiceDirect -- its own automated digital dictation and voice capture system.

Using CBayFlo VoiceDirect, everyone involved in the medical transcription process -- physicians, HIMs, and transcriptionists -- is able to take advantage of greater speed, quality and security, from capture, to review, to transcription, to approval, to records management and archiving.

At its core, CBayFlo VoiceDirect enables physicians to dictate into any digital recording device -- a PDA, tablet PC, desktop or phone -- and have it securely captured for transcription. Highly accurate, and featuring natural language processing, it eliminates the time and cost of manually transcribing recorded dictation.

With the introduction of CBayFlo VoiceDirect, hospitals who are dependent on expensive, proprietary dictation systems from Dictaphone, DVI, and Lanier can enjoy new freedom and flexibility. CBayFlo VoiceDirect incorporates the same features and quality at a significantly lower price. At the same time, it is built on an open technology platform that allows it to interface with legacy Dictaphone, DVI, Lanier and home-grown systems. This allows a smooth migration path (with zero training) as well as easy integration with other HIM systems.

"By developing our own technology, we're able to seamlessly integrate the power of voice into every component of our CBayFlo platform," said Christopher Foley, President of CBaySystems & Services. "Our commitment to R&D means we're no longer reliant on a third party system, and can deliver more of the benefits from this powerful technology -- and significant savings -- directly to our customers."

Some of the specific benefits of CBayFlo VoiceDirect include:
o High security and voice quality -- resulting in better quality records, and easier workflow
o Compliance with the latest HIPAA regulations and technologies
o Customized/advanced reporting capabilities, through a secure web portal: making it easy for HIMs to review and manage the entire workflow process

Part of a Comprehensive CBayFlo Technology Suite
CBayFlo VoiceDirect is just one of the components of the CBayFlo System -- a fully-integrated technology platform that manages medical transcription records at every stage of their lifecycle, from dictation and scheduling, through transcription, editing, web-based management, and long-term archiving.

Unlike other systems that force hospitals into a fixed process, CBayFlo is flexible and customizable to work the way you want to work. All processes and workflows can be configured to your exact business and information/reporting requirements.

Specific components of this powerful technology platform include:

o CBayFlo DocView: advanced document viewing/editing/reporting

o CBayFlo VoiceRecord: software for PDAs and digital recorders that allows voice to be uploaded to the web, and offloaded to a dictation server for transcription

o CBayFlo eDemographics: an HL7 interface engine to exchange data with other HIM and patient records

o CBayFlo Enterprise Document Manager: hospitals can manage and track the transcription process through a web-based portal

-- CBayFlo DocuTrack: real-time updates of the status of each record and file
-- CBayFlo DocView: document view/edit
-- CBayFlo E-signature: document e-sign
-- CBayFlo DocXchange: an HL7 compatible interface engine

As an ASP application (no additional hardware or software is required for the hospital to purchase), CBayFlo is extremely secure and reliable, with multiple levels of redundancy incorporated into its standard architecture.

"The CBayFlo platform represents an important component of the WorldClass Advantage we deliver to our customers every day," noted Foley. "By providing advanced technology, hospitals and physician practices can significantly reduce costs and save time -- allowing them to devote more resources to improving patient care."

About CBaySystems
CBaySystems and Services Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) services and the largest global provider of transcription services to the healthcare industry. CBay delivers fully integrated transcription and receivables management solutions that improve processes, lower costs, and ultimately help physicians to provide superior patient care. Using HIPAA-compliant web-based technologies, CBay's 10,000 highly-credentialed medical language specialists and customer service professionals deliver the highest quality medical documentation to thousands of clients.

Since 1998, CBay has been serving major health systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year -- always with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer service. CBay is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. For more information, visit http://www.cbaysystems.com/.

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