VMAC Hits Milestone With 40,000 Air Compressors Shipped

Nanaimo, BC - VMAC hit yet another milestone, shipping its 40,000th air compressor system. This specific air compressor system was shipped to VMAC Authorized Dealer Summit Truck Bodies in Wathena, Kansas, to be upfitted on a new truck build.

VMAC is known worldwide for designing and manufacturing compact, lightweight, and powerful rotary screw air compressors. Air compressor and multi-power systems include above-deck gas, diesel, and hydraulically driven air compressor systems, underdeck transmission-mounted PTO driven air compressor systems, and VMAC’s flagship product, UNDERHOOD™ belt driven air compressor systems for commercial trucks and vans.

“With tens of thousands of UNDERHOOD air compressors installed on Ford, GM, RAM and International trucks worldwide, VMAC has a proven track record of working with OEMs to create the most lightweight, powerful, and innovative air compressor systems available,” notes VMAC’s VP of Marketing and Sales, Gordon Duval. “The first UNDERHOOD air compressor ever shipped was eventually returned to VMAC for a core credit with over 10,000 operating hours on it; 40,000 air compressors later UNDERHOOD remains synonymous with innovation, quality, reliability, and durability.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel to all the OEM’s headquarters and worked with their teams to perform initial installations of UNDERHOOD40, UNDERHOOD70 and UNDERHOOD150 air compressors,” says Kyle McWilliam, VMAC Mechanical Engineer. “It was exciting to be able to work so closely with our OEM partners and their headquarters. VMAC has a strong relationship with each of the vehicle OEMs, and we’re proud to work directly with them when we’re developing new vehicle-integrated systems.”

VMAC’s North American made air compressors and multi-power systems are confidently backed with a VMAC Limited Lifetime Warranty, and VMAC’s vehicle integrated UNDERHOOD air compressors are compatible with OEM truck engine warranties.

“We have our customers, dealers, partners, and of course our talented VMAC coworkers to celebrate in this milestone of shipping our 40,000th air compressor system,” notes Gordon Duval. “Looking forward, VMAC will continue to be the responsive innovator for the North America mobile air compressor market, working with our customers and industry partners to develop and release new innovative products that will empower our customers to work more efficiently, sustainably and profitably.”

About VMAC
VMAC is the leader in compressed air innovation® and one of the only true air compressor manufacturers in North America. An award-winning organization, VMAC was named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2019 and is Great Place To Work Certified™. With over 30 years of history, VMAC’s mobile air compressors and multi-power systems have earned a reputation for extraordinary design, build quality, durability, and reliability in extreme conditions among operators and fleet managers worldwide.

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