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Phildup & Phyless On Vacation

NANAIMO, B.C. - Thanks to VMAC's newest fuel saving products - the RAPTAIR Diesel Drive Stand-Alone Air Compressor and the UNDERHOOD70-G - both using VMAC's Intelligent Digital Control - the fuel gauges, Phildup and Phyless have been able to go on vacation! VMAC's greenest air compressor solutions automatically turn your compressor (or truck) on and off in response to air demand. That green innovation is keeping fuel tanks full and giving our adventuresome pair the holiday of a lifetime. Their worldwide vacation travels are documented at vmacidletimes.com as the happy duo trot across the globe enjoying their full-tank levels.

"Our fleet manager was so excited about the reduced operating hours and cost savings our equipment has been enjoying that it was easy for him to send Phildup and Phyless on vacation," rumbled the diesel engine on the 6.7 L Ford service truck. "Personally, I'm loving the more relaxed work day and our fleet manager is ecstatic about complying with his mandate to reduce emissions. I'm not having to run as much as before so I'm feeling a lot more rested." The fleet's radios chimed in together, "With the engines off so much now, the lower noise levels means we're not straining to be heard. We feel like we're really communicating more clearly now!"

To date the gas gauge couple have visited the Hawaiian islands, sailed 'down under', explored the Australian Outback, hopped over to Jakarta, done some diving at Raja Ampat, visited with the mudmen of New Guinea and marveled at the sights of Singapore. But their fuel-saving adventures are far from over! Follow their blog as they visit the many wonders of the world, touching on every continent as they bask in the glory of their VMAC-provided work break!

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