Viton® Compounds resist rapid gas decompression.

Press Release Summary:

With 90 and 95 durometer hardness, respectively, Viton® Compounds 60895 and 8990 are qualified to ISO 23936-2 standard for resistance to Rapid Gas Decompression experienced in Oil and Gas industry. Both materials received best possible rating of 0000. In addition, Compound 8990 performed to 29,500 psi at .0049 gap and 24,000 psi at .0089 gap, making it an optimal sealing elastomer for this environment.

Original Press Release:

Precision Associates Introduces New RGD & Extrusion Resistant Materials for the Energy Industry

Akron Rubber Development Lab recently qualified Precision Associates’ Viton® compounds 608905 (90 duro) and 8990 (95 duro) to the ISO 23936-2 standard for RGD resistance.  Both materials received the best possible rating of 0000. 

Pressurized gas can permeate a rubber seal but the real damage occurs when the pressure is rapidly released.  Trapped gas rushes to the surface to escape causing the seal to rupture visibly displaying cracks, blisters, and splits. This condition is known as Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) or Explosive Decompression (ED).  Proper material selection is key to obtaining optimal seal performance in equipment operating in high pressure gases.  Compounds 608905 and 8990 were specifically developed to resist succumbing to the effects of RGD frequently experienced in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Additionally, compound 8990 has proven high pressure extrusion resistance when tested in the Precision Associates R&D Lab.  Extrusion occurs when system pressure forces the seal from its groove into the clearance gap within the seal housing.  Proper groove dimensions and seal selection combined with elastomers designed to resist extrusion can prevent this type of failure.  There currently is no standard test method to measure extrusion resistance. With the input of Oil & Gas industry professionals, PAI developed a seal test fixture with various gap settings that exposed the seal to 300°F while increasing pressure up to 30,000 psi until failure occurs. Compound 8990 performed to 29,500 psi at .0049 gap and 24,000 psi at .0089 gap proving that it is an excellent sealing elastomer for this environment.

Precision Associates is committed to providing the oil and gas industry with superior quality rubber components manufactured from qualified and proven materials tested to the most stringent industry standards.

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