Visual Site Delivers Comprehensive Online Ad Campaign Analytics and Optimization Solution

Visual Sciences Solution Provides Holistic View of Online Advertisement Campaign Performance, Measuring Lifetime Impressions, Click-throughs, View-throughs and Conversion

SAN DIEGO, May 16 - Visual Sciences, Inc. (formerly, WebSideStory, Inc.) (NASDAQ:VSCN), a leading provider of real-time analytics applications, today at its User Conference in San Diego, Calif., announced that the company's Web analytics application, Visual Site®, now offers deep and comprehensive online advertising campaign tracking and analytics capabilities. These Visual Site capabilities provide clients with new insight into advertising campaign performance through lifetime advertisement impression, click-through, view-through and conversion tracking and analytics. Visual Site's ability to easily integrate with ad serving vendors allows for closed-loop campaign effectiveness optimization based on these analytics.

"Visual Site's ad campaign optimization solution leverages our real-time analytics engine's capability to evaluate advertisement performance on a lifetime visitor-by-visitor and segment-by-segment basis. Visual Site uniquely enables advertising buyers to understand the lifetime number of impressions that each individual visitor or any segment of visitors receives across various media outlets. In addition, for those visitors that click-through directly or later view-through, Visual Site can calculate and allocate the value of any on-site conversions to one or more of the advertisements that the visitor had been impressed with across their prior lifetime," said Jim MacIntyre, chief executive officer of Visual Sciences. "In addition, Visual Site allows information to be passed in from ad serving vendors for use by Visual Site and for its visitor-by-visitor analytics results to be passed out to ad serving vendors, enabling closed loop online advertising campaign optimization."

Visual Site clients benefit in simplicity and accuracy from the use of a consistent data collection method; measuring ad impressions that take place on third-party Web sites; and through the measurement of all activity on their own Web site. Visual Site with ad impression tracking allows clients to automatically combine the data collected, while measuring ad impressions served from third-party sites with data collected from the measurement of the activity on their own Web sites. In addition, Visual Site's openness and flexibility allows the rapid integration of data from ad serving vendors or other sources of visitor profile and campaign information. The same openness allows any of the analytics that Visual Site provides, for instance an individual visitor's lifetime value, to be output on an ongoing basis so such information can be used by external vendors for further targeting purposes. The result is improved advertisement relevance to the viewer and increased conversion rates, saving Visual Sciences' clients and their potential clients both time and money.

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Founded in 1996, Visual Sciences, Inc. (formerly known as WebSideStory, Inc.) (NASDAQ:VSCN) is a leading provider of real-time analytics applications. The company's analytics applications, based on its patent pending on-demand service and software platform, enable fast and detailed analytics on large volumes of streaming and stored data. More than 1,570 enterprises worldwide rely on the answers delivered by these applications to provide them with actionable intelligence to optimize their business operations. The company provides real-time analytics applications for Web sites, contact centers, retail points-of-sale, messaging systems and the intelligence community. Visual Sciences flexible technology platform, Visual Sciences Technology Platform 5(TM), allows the company to rapidly introduce tailored solutions to meet its clients' needs. Visual Sciences is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., and has East Coast offices in Herndon, Virginia and European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For more information, contact Visual Sciences. Voice: 858.546.0040. Fax: 858.546.0480. Address: 10182 Telesis Court, 6th Floor, San Diego, CA 92121. Web site:

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