Visual Data Management Software enables diagram-based searching.

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Qiagram is collaborative visual data exploration tool that lets users access, manage, explore, and retrieve relevant information in data-intensive environments. Suited for use with large and complex datasets, it allows users to pose questions by drawing diagrams in Web-browser interface. Software lets IT users import, inspect, standardize, and clean raw data in centralized environment, and also offers multiple interface options to enterprise data systems and resources.

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BioFortis Introduces Qiagram - A Collaborative Visual Data Exploration Tool for Complex Data Environments

COLUMBIA, Md. - BioFortis, Inc. today announced the release of Qiagram, a revolutionary software product that empowers its users to easily access, manage, explore, and retrieve relevant information in data-intensive environments.

About Qiagram

Qiagram is powered by a new type of business intelligence (BI) technology that allows its users to pose detailed, ad hoc questions by simply drawing diagrams in a web-browser interface. As the visual reflection of a user's thought process, these diagrams direct a sophisticated search engine to return precise and tailored results.

How is Qiagram different?

I. For Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Instead of always relying on IT professionals to process difficult data questions, with Qiagram, subject matter experts (researchers, physicians, analysts, etc.) can now "self-serve" and explore their universe of complex data independently, therefore removing a major bottleneck in their hypothesis generation, validation and decision-making workflow.

Qiagram differs from traditional visual data exploration tools by its ability to help make sense of very large and very complex data sets. It allows domain expert users to logically inspect and reduce the complexity of such data sets in a directed, stepwise fashion, resulting in a more manageable subset of data that is meaningful for the specific questions at hand.

II. For IT Professionals

Qiagram incorporates a suite of data manipulation tools that enable advanced IT users to import, inspect, standardize, and clean raw or "messy" data in a centralized, secure data environment. It also has multiple interface options to existing data systems and resources, thus allowing for accelerated integration into enterprise IT architecture.

III. A New Collaboration Paradigm

With a shared visual representation of complex questions in Qiagram, SMEs and IT support professionals can collaborate more effectively in real-time, thus enabling rapid iterations of data quality improvements and concurrent discovery of new domain insights.

"Qiagram's award-winning technology has been applied in multiple business verticals that need to support collaborative data exploration," states Steve Chen, Marketing Director for BioFortis, Inc. "This patent-pending technology empowers its users to quickly discover insights from large and complex data sets, which cannot be accomplished by traditional visual analytics tools."


Qiagram is a commercially released product. Please contact BioFortis for demonstration and purchasing details.

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