VisiPak Now Offers Plastic Face Shields: Products Can Protect Essential Workers Returning to Manufacturing Facilities

Press Release Summary:

  • Shields are made from recyclable PET, and can be assembled quickly.
  • VisiPak manufactures its face shields in a cleanroom environment.

Original Press Release:

VisiGuard Face Shield – New Design Released To Protect Essential Work Force

As the nation puts priority on keeping PPE in the United States, Missouri-based company Sinclair & Rush releases face shield to help protect America’s essential workers

Arnold, MO – April 14, 2020 - As the threat of Covid19 swept across the United States, VisiPak joined the ranks of manufacturing facilities across the country that began converting their production lines into manufacturing hubs for personal protective equipment, also known as PPE.

No stranger to tough times, Sinclair & Rush, Inc. (the parent company) has been in business since 1950 and, recognizing the need for a shield that could be ready quickly and available for mass production, was more than ready to jump in with solutions. When asked about how they got the idea, Director of Sales & Marketing Jeffrey Barket shared that “watching the news and seeing organizations within our community begging for more PPE so they can do their job safely, it really gets to you. I knew that the face shield was definitely something we could make and when I pitched the idea to our CEO, Brad Philip, he was 100% on board.”

Action was swift, from the Director of Marketing & Sales pitching an idea for a shield on Friday March 27th to a finished design completed by Monday March 30th, thanks to the Thermoforming Design Lead working through the weekend. The designer, Chris Kubicek, shared “These days, plastics have kind of a bad reputation, but this is an example of how they can be used responsibly to offer fast and safe solutions. I think a lot of our existing customers will be able to use these on their own lines to keep their workers safe; it feels good knowing we’re helping other American companies keep their doors open as long as it’s safely possible”. Kubicek, who has over 15 years of thermoforming design experience, enthusiastically accepted the challenge to design the shield and have it ready to release to the public as quickly as possible.

All departments of the Sinclair & Rush team worked closely together so that by Friday April 3rd, tooling was complete, and they were ready to release the VisiGuard® Face Shield to the public on Monday April 6th. In one short week, VisiPak pulled together to offer a patent pending face shield to the public that could be produced on a large scale, helping to make sure that those who needed personal protection equipment in our country would be prepared.

“The rapid development of this product is a tribute to all the employees of our company, from each and every discipline in the organization. All working efficiently together with one common goal. We have an incredibly dedicated and talented group of people here at Sinclair & Rush. Having said that, what our company accomplished pales by comparison to what our nurses, doctors and first responders are doing each and every day. Saving thousands of lives while putting their own lives at risk. If our company has helped them and others having a need for PPE, even in some very small way, then we have done a very good thing.” – Brad Philip, CEO of Sinclair & Rush, Inc.

The shields themselves are different than most others commonly found on the market. Striving to come up with something unique, the revolutionary design created by VisiPak allows the shield to be used without foam or other unsanitary materials that may harbor contaminants. Trying, even in these difficult times, to keep our environment in mind, the shields are made from recyclable PET material and are marked with the logo. An added benefit of using recyclable PET is that it is also resistant to Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, or Bleach, many of the common cleaning agents found in medical environments.

The simple design requires only seconds of minimal labor, attaching the strap to the plastic shield, and comes with instructions if needed. The shields pack densely, minimizing storage space and transportation costs. Keeping their customers’ safety in mind, VisiGuard® shields are manufactured in a clean room environment where operators are required to wear hair nets, face masks, and gloves and the parts are sealed inside of a plastic bag before being sealed in the box.

As of Monday April 6th, the link on their Ecommerce site is live and staff are prepared to begin shipping these from the production facility just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

For over 70 years, Sinclair & Rush has strived to offer quality plastics products to the world and today they add another product to that extensive lineup, the VisiGuard® Face Shield.

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