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Vision/Ultrasonic Probe System measures micro holes.

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Vision/Ultrasonic Probe System measures micro holes.

Sep 17, 2004 - Available in 2 sizes, UMAP (Ultrasonic Micro and Accurate Probe) system combines vision-measuring instrument with 20 mm dia, ultrasonically activated probe. Vision system positions probe for insertion into holes or other miniature features and takes measurement data according to wave-form changes when contact is made. Probe tip, made of carbide/glass, is 2 mm long, and system has 12 x 8 x 8 in. measuring range with 1.4 micron accuracy.

Mitutoyo America Corp. - Aurora, IL

Original Press Release

Combination Vision/Ultrasonic Probe System Measures Micro Holes and Features

Press release date: Sep 15, 2004

(Aurora IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the introduction of a unique small hole and feature measurement device that utilizes a hair-like ultrasonic probe to collect data.

The UMAP system (Ultrasonic Micro and Accurate Probe) is a unique combination of a vision-measuring instrument combined with an ultrasonically-activated probe. The vision system is used to position the tiny probe (20mm diameter) for insertion into holes or other miniature features. The probe is then activated ultrasonically and the measurement data is taken according to the wave-form changes when contact is made. The probe tip, made of carbide/glass, is 2mm in length, and thin enough to measure the diameters of fuel injection nozzles, optical ferrules, ink jet printer nozzles and other tiny holes and features.

The UMAP is also a fully-functional vision measuring device, capable of performing independent non-contact measuring activities. The vision system has a measuring range of 12 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches and has an accuracy of 1.4 microns.

UMAP systems are available in two sizes, the UMAP 130 and the UMAP 180. System size is dependent on probe diameter: 30mm and 80mm respectively. The stylus length on the UMAP 130 is 2mm; for a longer reach the UMAP 180 offers a 12mm stylus length.

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