Vision System offers high-speed, simultaneous 2D/3D imaging.

Press Release Summary:

Combining Hi-Res 3D height images with high-speed (64,000 profiles/sec) processing, XG-X Series enables inspection that cannot be accomplished with conventional laser profiling or traditional 2D imaging. This all-in-one 3D measurement and inspection package, which leverages laser profiling technology and image processing algorithms, also offers facilitated setup and programming via UI and programmable encoder. Features also include real-time vibration correction.

Original Press Release:

World´s First Complete 3D Solution: XG-X Series Vision System

KEYENCE releases the first all-in-one 3D measurement and inspection package featuring the best laser profiling technology and image processing algorithms.  The brand new XG-X vision system makes 3D setup and programming easier than ever with a new user interface and programmable encoder.  The XG-X combines high-resolution 3D height images with ultra-high speed processing enabling inspection that cannot be done with conventional laser profiling or traditional 2D imaging.

3 Keys to 3D Success


• 64,000 profiles per second

• High-resolution height profiling


• Real-time Vibration Correction

• Simultaneous 2D/3D imaging

• Easily synchronize dedicated encoder

• Up to 150,000 pulses per revolution

• Welding Seam Inspection:

Traditional 2D area cameras:

Difficult inspection due to the unstable

surface condition of workpieces.

NEW! KEYENCE XG-X 3D Solution: Stable inspection is possible without being influenced by the surface condition of workpieces.

Traditional 2D Image versus 3D XG-X Image

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