Vision Sensors inspect presence and shape of defined areas.

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Available with in-line and right-angle lens positions, PresencePLUS® P4 AREA series performs multiple analysis functions simultaneously at speeds to 10,000 parts/min. Model P4 AREA 1.3 offers 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution, and all sensors offer Gray Scale and BLOB analysis capabilities. Able to perform live inspections without PC, sensors directly connect all I/O to Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP and feature remote TEACH function for on-line, push-button inspection changeovers.

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Low-Cost Area Vision Sensors Perform High-Speed Presence and Advanced Shape Inspections

Minneapolis, MN-DECEMBER 23, 2005-The new PresencePLUS® P4 AREA Vision Sensors from Banner Engineering Corp. are the most advanced sensing solution for inspecting the presence and shape of defined areas. The P4 AREA can perform these multiple analysis functions simultaneously at speeds up to 10,000 parts per minute. The P4 AREA 1.3 offers 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution for advanced high-resolution inspections. Including Gray Scale and BLOB (Binary Large Object) analysis, these powerful sensors start at only $995 or at $1995 for 1.3 megapixel models.

"The P4 AREA family combines high-speed presence and advanced shape analysis with a single sensor," said Dan Holste, director of Vision Products for Banner. "You just won't find any sensor on the market that compares to this one without spending thousands of dollars more."

Applications. The P4 AREA sensors enable users to accurately perform multiple sensing functions at industry-leading throughput speeds. The P4 AREA sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications including the following:

o Verify all bottles or cans are present in a packaging application.
o Identify chipped glass bottles in a filling application.
o Ensure the correct number of holes are punched in a metal stamping application.
o Establish that products are correctly oriented for handling by robots in an automatic feed work cell.
o Verify the presence and placement of all clips, bolts and nuts in an automotive trim panel assembly.
o Monitor baked goods for uneven browning.
o Look for cracks in sheets of metal as they are unrolled.

Several features of the P4 AREA sensors make them easy to use:

o Combines BLOB and Gray Scale tools to capture and analyze images and render pass-fail judgments.
o Performs live inspections without a PC.
o Uses remote TEACH to allow simple push-button inspection changeovers on the line without a PC.
o Features Dynamic Thresholding to self-adjust the sensor to compensate for degradation in light sources.
o Directly connects all I/O to Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP.

Specifications. The compact, self-contained P4 AREA and AREA 1.3 are available with two lens positions: in-line (on the end of the housing) and right-angle (on the side of the housing). Both versions measure only 66.8 mm wide; the in-line model is 136.1 mm long and the right-angle model is just 124.5 mm long. The included mounting brackets make it easy to attach the P4 AREA sensor to machines or conveyors. The unit's three bi-color LED indicators clearly show unit status during setup and operation. It operates on 10 to 30 V dc. Banner also offers hundreds of specialized lighting and lensing options to solve even the most challenging applications.

A family of easy-to-use vision sensors. Banner's PresencePLUS Pro vision sensor defined low-cost vision sensing. The PresencePLUS P4 GEO, P4 GEO 1.3, P4 EDGE, P4 EDGE 1.3, P4 BCR, P4 AREA and P4 AREA 1.3 continue this trend of making it easy and affordable to adopt vision sensing capabilities at multiple points in user applications. One reason Banner's PresencePLUS vision sensor products are so successful is because they share a user interface that many consider the easiest to use on the market today. It is available in nine languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. With PresencePLUS's intuitive interface, even operators with only basic computer skills can easily set up an inspection.

About Banner. Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, electronic machine guarding systems and precision measurement systems.

For further information, contact Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55441. PH: 888-373-6767 (Toll-free North America), or 001-763-544-3164 (International). FAX: 763-544-3213. Email: E-commerce: Web:

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