Vision-Guided Motion Control System operates robotic mechanism.

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Accommodating remote access, Guidance System D4/D6 includes all electronic components necessary to operate robotic mechanism: 4- or 6-axis motion controller, motor and logic power supplies, fans and filters for cooling, and connectors. Software includes complete set of motion commands and machine kinematics as well as continuous path motion planner and trajectory generator. Other features include Active X and .Net links to Microsoft software and optional machine vision package.

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Precise Automation Introduces New, Low Cost Vision-Guided Motion Control System

San Jose, California - Precise Automation has introduced the Guidance System D4/D6, a complete four or six-axis vision-guided motion control system in a compact enclosure.

The Guidance System D4/D6 (GS-D4/D6) is the latest in Precise Automation's extremely powerful and compact Guidance Motion System series. This unit includes all of the electronic components necessary to operate a robotic mechanism: a four or six-axis motion controller, motor and logic power supplies, fans and filters for cooling and easy-to-use standard connectors. This hardware is combined with Precise's modern, full-featured programming language and kinematic library. Therefore, the GS-D4/D6 integrates easily with third party mechanisms such as the DENSO Robotics HS series SCARA or VP series 6-Axis Articulated Robots. For customers who wish to use third party robots, but desire the features of a Guidance Controller, this system provides a convenient, ready-to-use alternative to purchasing, mounting and wiring all of the motion control components necessary for a complete system.

All Guidance System D4/D6's include a powerful Precise Automation Guidance 2000C series motion controller. Its User Interface is based on a built-in web server that permits the controller to be accessed from anywhere in the world for easy development, operation, and maintenance. The software includes a complete set of motion commands, machine kinematics, a continuous path motion planner and trajectory generator, a powerful language, Active X and .Net links to Microsoft software, and an optional machine vision package that can execute in a networked PC. The vision software contains measurement tools and a patented object locator that can find multiple instances of parts in any orientation, even with cluttered backgrounds.

Brian Carlisle, President of Precise Automation, stated, "The Guidance System D4/D6 provides customers with access to Precise's powerful and easy-to-use motion controllers while taking full advantage of third party robots' speed, performance, high resolution and absolute positioning capabilities."

Precise Automation delivers cutting edge automation technology and leverages years of experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that assists end users and OEM customers to automate with ease. Precise's versatile table-top Cartesian robots come fully assembled and are extremely easy to set up. Our low cost vision-guided motion controllers integrate motor drives in a very compact design that fit inside many robot structures. The multi-axis controller's powerful features allow OEM's to create the applications they want and to produce user-friendly systems. Adding vision guidance simplifies complex problems in locating and identifying parts and significantly improves process reliability by easily accommodating to dimensional variances. Precise Automation's flexible and innovative products serve a wide variety of industries including: electronics, semiconductor, life science, medical products and mass storage.

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