Virtualization Software consolidates SQL Server databases.

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With DxConsole(TM) for SQL Server, users can virtualize SQL Server instances and consolidate SQL Server databases, servers, and storage into manageable private cloud utilities to minimize inefficiency and management complexity. Program provides on-the-fly instance re-hosting, fast failover instance high availability services, instance-level multi-site DR support, and single point for storage management and data backup.

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DH2i(TM) Launches and Unveils DxConsole(TM) Next Generation Virtualization Solution to Enable the Agile, Always-on Enterprise

DxConsole, Application Virtualization Software for SQL Server, Virtualizes SQL Server Instances and Consolidates SQL Server Databases, Servers and Storage into Manageable Private Cloud Utilities in order to Reduce Cost, Inefficiency and Management Complexity, While Enhancing Performance

FORT COLLINS, Colo., -- DH2i(TM), Company, the world's leading provider of application virtualization solutions, today announced the official launch of the company and its mission to enable agile, always-on infrastructures, where enterprise applications can move freely and transparently within and between heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud environments, with zero interruption in service. In addition, DH2i announced the general availability of its flagship software product, DxConsole(TM) for SQL Server. The first of its kind, DxConsole for SQL Server is a next generation virtualization solution that was designed from the ground up to address the escalating costs, inefficiency and management complexity related to SQL Server sprawl, while also allowing customers to fully preserve and protect existing operational processes. DxConsole accomplishes this by enabling customers to virtualize SQL Server instances and consolidate SQL Server databases, servers and storage into manageable private cloud utilities.

SQL Server, a database management system (DBMS) whose function it is to store and retrieve data as directed by business applications, has reached epic proportions in regards to global IT deployment. Driven by extremely rapid database growth, database administrators add SQL Servers instances over and over again, leading to what is commonly referred to as "SQL Server sprawl." This sprawl creates operational and financial problems such as: a huge increase in necessary supporting infrastructure (i.e., servers, storage, networking, floor space, power and cooling, etc...), extremely low utilization of resources, insufficient availability, a lack of resiliency, and a growing management burden, as well as other challenges such as security vulnerabilities, licensing complications, and a lack of compliance with enterprise standards - difficulties which will likely be exacerbated with the highly anticipated release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

DH2i now offers the complete solution. DxConsole application virtualization software for SQL Server enables customers to create a cloud utility where multiple SQL Server instances can be consolidated onto substantially fewer servers and centralized storage. DxConsole's "shared data" architecture delivers enterprise class availability and virtualization flexibility in a cloud utility platform. Unlike server virtualization and traditional high availability (HA) products, it goes far beyond just consolidation and simple failovers to provide:

-- Instance Level Virtualization

-- On-The-Fly Instance Re-Hosting

-- Scalable and elastic "on-demand" server and storage performance

-- Fast Failover Instance High Availability Services

-- Built-In Instance-level Multi-Site DR Support

-- A single point for storage management and data backup

-- "1-click" maintenance

"Our organization was challenged with the SQL Server sprawl issue and as a result we were confronted with concerns of low utilization levels, stranded capacity, exorbitant capital costs, decreased availability and of most significance - a continuing management burden. We chose to deploy the only viable solution available to us at the time which was HP PolyServe. However, HP has since made the decision to cease their overall support for their product, in turn discontinuing patches and updates," said Steven E. Simpauco, Manager Database Administration, Sharp Healthcare, Southern California's largest healthcare leader. "As our SQL Server environment continued to increase and sprawl, once more, was threatening to become a vast issue, we found ourselves again in the same predicament. Unlike HP PolyServe, DH2i's DxConsole presented both a viable and robust solution with regards to our requirements. We are forecasting, at the conclusion of our pilot, that DxConsole will allow us to continue to experience considerable reductions in configuration, maintenance times, server counts, license costs and TCO. In addition, DxConsole does not necessitate that we repeatedly rip and replace, rather we are able to preserve existing operational processes and infrastructure investments."

"While server virtualization is a well understood and generally accepted value proposition by most IT organizations, it has failed to meet the needs of mission-critical applications," said Marc Staimer, President and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting. "DH2i's DxConsole picks-up where server virtualization leaves off by enhancing efficiency, business continuity, flexibility, and mobility, as well as enabling much easier management of mission-critical apps - the first being SQL Server."

"DH2i DxConsole for SQL Server is an application virtualization software solution designed specifically for SQL Server databases. DxConsole virtualizes SQL Server instances and consolidates SQL Server databases, servers and storage into manageable private cloud utilities. This approach overcomes the limits of server virtualization to extend consolidation benefits to mission-critical applications, and addresses all three major data center costs, including: servers, software and storage," said Don Boxley, Founder and CEO, DH2i. He continued, "Application virtualization means virtualizing apps at the instance level. This gives apps InstanceMobility(TM). DH2i application virtualization complements server virtualization. It is not an either/or choice. Server virtualization customers will use DH2i InstanceMobility(TM) to stack and move app instances freely between servers to obtain optimal consolidation and performance. Customers will still use server virtualization tools to move vservers between hosts. Consequently, customers will enjoy two levels of virtual protection - at the app level and the sever level."

Boxley concluded, "Our customers will typically see their server, storage and software installs cut in half, configuration and management time slashed by as much as 75% - 85%, and total cost of ownership lowered by more than 50%."

DH2i DxConsole is now generally available and priced at $8,500 per CPU license. To estimate the potential cost savings that could be appreciated from DxConsole, based on unique IT environment characteristics, please refer to DH2i's online TCO Calculator.

About DH2i

Based in Fort Collins, CO, DH2i(TM), Company is the leader in providing application virtualization solutions that enable agile, always-on infrastructures where enterprise applications can move freely and transparently within and between heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud environments, with zero interruption in service. Its flagship software product, DxConsole(TM) for SQL Server enables customers to create a private cloud utility that meets the high performance and availability needs of mission-critical SQL Server application environments. By addressing all capital and operational cost elements (CapEx and OpEx) associated with managing SQL Server, it lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by over 50%. For further information, please visit:, email:, or call: (970) 295-4505.

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