Virtual Tape Library can backup more than 11 TB of data/hr.

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Disk Library 6000 Series open systems virtual tape library can be scaled to 1.8 petabytes of compressed capacity. Model DL6100 supports 1,440 disk drives in single system and offers RAID 5 protection with maximum useable uncompressed capacity of 615 TB and 1.845 petabytes of compressed capacity, while Model DL6300 supports 2,400 disk drives in single system and offers RAID 1 protection with maximum uncompressed capacity of 584 TB and 1.752 petabytes of compressed capacity.

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EMC Introduces the World's Largest Open Systems Virtual Tape Library

EMC Expands Market Leading Family of Open Systems Virtual Tape Solutions; New High-End EMC® Disk Library 6000 Series Scales to 1.8 Petabytes; Outpaces Competitive VTL Offerings in Performance, Scalability and Software Capabilities

ORLANDO, Fla., May 21 -- EMC WORLD -- EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today introduced a new class of systems to its industry-leading EMC® Disk Library family of easy-to-use, secure, intelligent disk-based backup and recovery solutions. Helping customers to build a more scalable, cost-effective information infrastructure, the new EMC Disk Library 6000 Series is the industry's largest open systems virtual tape library (VTL), scaling to 1.8 petabytes of usable compressed capacity in a single system, and can backup more than 11 terabytes of data per hour. The new EMC Disk Library 6000 Series is based on the EMC Symmetrix® DMX-3 platform and provides the highest levels of performance, scalability and software functionality to meet the backup requirements of high-end information infrastructures.

The expanded capacity allows customers to lower their cost of ownership and consolidate multiple smaller VTLs into a single EMC DL6000 system. Consolidating multiple backup appliances can also result in significant environmental savings, with EMC studies showing savings of up to 30% in annual power and cooling costs compared to multiple smaller VTL systems. The new EMC Disk Library DL6100 and DL6300 models also offer hardware compression, which enables customers to maximize capacity utilization without sacrificing performance or requiring additional management tasks. In addition, EMC will also offer data de-duplication capabilities across the entire EMC Disk Library family beginning in early 2008.

EMC pioneered the open systems disk library market when it introduced the EMC Disk Library in April 2004 and today is the leading provider of open systems virtual tape solutions. More than 110 petabytes of EMC Disk Library capacity have been deployed through the end of the first quarter of 2007. The EMC Disk Library line supports more than three million configuration combinations -- more than any other open virtual tape solution on the market.

David Donatelli, EMC's Executive Vice President, Storage Product Operations, said, "The EMC Disk Library has fast become the 'VTL of choice' in the industry, largely on the basis of features, performance and economics. The EMC DL6000 Series significantly expands these benefits for high-end customers by taking advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the market leading Symmetrix DMX-3 storage system. Using high capacity, low- cost, fibre channel disk drives, the new EMC DL6000 Series is a more cost- effective, higher performing and more flexible alternative to purchasing multiple smaller VTLs or slower, large tape systems. With 24/7 information availability being the norm rather than the exception, the DL 6000 Series provides customers with higher levels of data availability and faster, greatly simplified backup and recovery."

High-end Performance for the Most Demanding Requirements

The EMC DL6100 supports up to 1,440 disk drives in a single system and offers RAID 5 protection with a maximum useable uncompressed capacity of 615 terabytes and up to 1.845 petabytes of compressed capacity. The EMC DL6300 supports up to 2,400 disk drives in a single system and offers RAID 1 protection with a maximum uncompressed capacity of 584 terabytes, and up to 1.752 petabytes of compressed capacity.

Umatched Software Functionality for Management, Ease-of-Use and Protection

EMC has developed unique software functionality specifically for the EMC Disk Library family. It is the only disk library solution with consolidated media management that gives customers control of their entire tape pool through a single application interface and eliminates many time-consuming steps common with traditional VTL deployments. The EMC Disk Library also features Active Engine Failover, delivering even more reliability for demanding environments. In the event of one processor engine failing, operations will automatically failover to the second (active) processor engine so that the disk library system is able to continue servicing the backup server/application.

Heidi Biggar, Storage Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "With EMC's new high capacity DL6000 series, customers can now consolidate the management of multiple VTLs into one, and with it, enjoy centralized and simplified management, along with improvements in power and cooling costs. The EMC DL6100 and DL6300 systems are ideal for organizations that back up a significant percentage of their production data to tape, can't meet service level agreements for restores from tape, or have multiple virtual tape libraries in their data center."


The EMC Disk Library 6000 Series is scheduled to be available from EMC and its partners in June 2007.

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