Virtual Machine Company Announces Its Next-Generation Virtualization Appliances

o Outperforms All Current Commercial and Custom-Built Servers in Independent Geekbench Performance Testing[1]

o Comfortably Runs More Virtual Machines and Delivers Class-Leading Savings on Energy, Cooling, Software Licensing, and Datacentre Real Estate

o World's Fastest, Most Cost-Effective, and Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Computing Platform

The Virtual Machine Company (VMC) today announced the launch of the next generation of its server virtualization appliances.

Built around the latest AMD 12-core processors, with highly-optimised RAM options up to 512 gigabytes, and fast and cool solid-state storage, the two new servers host unprecedented numbers of VMs running the most demanding applications.

The new appliances use less power, require fewer software licenses, and less rack-space space than anything else on the market.

For example, a mid-range 24 Core, 192 Gb RAM virtualization appliance comfortably accommodates 50 or more virtual machines running processor and memory-intensive applications of the kind usually confined to non-virtual environments; tasks such as rendering video, enterprise-scale databases, and huge FTP batch operations. All of this while consuming less than 307 watts (1.43 amps) at peak loading. Average power consumption for competitor machines is 900+ watts.

VMC CEO, Steve Barnet, said:

This is exciting, high-performance computing meets boring stability and cost-effectiveness. The top of the Geekbench league table is usually dominated by "custom rigs" built by clever enthusiasts or researchers. I'm proud of our development team for productising and normalising unrivalled power and performance with such impressive stability and economy.

AMD Head of Commercial Marketing EMEA, Stefano Chiavegati, commented:

We developed the AMD Opteron(TM) 6100 Series processor to meet 21st Century commercial computing demands for the optimum balance between power, reliability, cost and environmental considerations. The Virtual Machine Company's Server Virtualization Appliances tick all of those boxes and more.

Fewer software licences

VMware requires an expensive licence for every pair of processors. Because the new VMC appliances use AMD's processor core-dense CPUs, licence-to-virtual-machine ratio becomes much more favourable.

Models and configurations

Two standard appliances are available with additional configuration options

o VA 1200 Series Server Virtualization Appliance: 1U, Dual Processor 24 Core minimum configuration 64GB RAM

o VA 2400 Series Server Virtualization Appliance: 2U, Dual Processor 48 Core minimum configuration 128GB RAM

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Source: Virtual Machine Company

Press contacts: Bea Barrett, Account Manager, +44(0)15396-21965, +44(0)797-157-8211,; Steve Barnett, VMC CEO, +44(0)776-425-2119,

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