Viega MegaPress® System for Joining Black Iron Pipe Receives Certification of Compliance for Fire Protection Applications

WICHITA, Kan. – The Viega MegaPress system for installing Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe in sizes 1/2" to 2" received UL certification of compliance for fire protection applications.

By eliminating traditional threading methods, Viega MegaPress reduces installation time up to 60 percent. As with all Viega press systems, Viega MegaPress fittings can be prefabricated, producing a straight, clean installation that can be properly pitched back to the supply source. And with the patented Viega Smart Connect® feature, installers can verify that all prefabbed fittings are pressed before they are installed.

"The certification of compliance for fire protection systems will benefit contractors by providing them with a faster, more efficient and innovative method of installing black pipe for fire protection applications," said Christoph Volkmer, product director at Viega.

Viega MegaPress fittings can be installed while the system is live, which means installers do not need to shut a system down before making connections. Viega MegaPress is ideal for new installations or for integrating new fittings into existing systems by cutting into the water supply.

Backed by a written warranty and approved for NFPA 13 and 13R fire sprinkler systems, Viega MegaPress is ideal for industrial applications or commercial projects like hotels and dormitories. With Viega’s patented cold-press technology, installations in attics and tight corners are safer than with traditional joining methods. With no threading required, installers do not need to carry heavy equipment or bother with metal shavings or cutting oils.

More than 200 fittings are available in sizes from 1/2" to 2" including elbows, couplings, reducers, tees, reducing tees, threaded adapters and unions. A Viega MegaPress fire protection system uses a stainless steel grip ring with an EPDM sealing element, along with a stainless steel separator ring that ensures both provide maximum performance.

The Viega MegaPress system uses the same versatile pressing tools already used by many contractors and maintenance staff. Viega MegaPress system is also ASME B31 compliant for pressure and boiler piping and exceeds the most rigorous testing codes and standards in North America.

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Founded in 1899, The Viega Group manufactures and distributes the highest quality plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems in the world. Viega is best known for innovative press technology systems for industrial, commercial and residential projects, like Viega ProPress® for copper and stainless and Viega PEX Press systems in Zero Lead bronze and high-performance polymer. Viega LLC offers more than 3,000 products in North America. For more information, visit

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