Vidyo Introduces Breakthrough Video Conferencing Technology and Products

VidyoConferencing Provides the Enterprise with Easy, Cost-Effective Way to Give Every Employee HD Conferencing on Their Desktop

PALM DESERT, Calif., and HACKENSACK, N.J., Jan. 28 -- At the DEMO '08 Conference today, Vidyo(TM), Inc., unveiled the first enterprise video conferencing products to feature HD quality video delivered over converged IP networks. This breakthrough is delivered through a new architecture built upon VidyoTechnology(TM)-a revolutionary solution that leverages the recently ratified H.264/SVC (Scalable Video Coding) addition to the widely accepted H.264 standard. VidyoConferencing(TM) and its underlying VidyoTechnology, have already gained the endorsement of leading unified communications suppliers and Channel partners (see today's other related Vidyo announcements: Vidyo Licenses Breakthrough Video Conferencing Technology to Cisco; Resellers Enthusiastically Promote VidyoConferencing).

"VidyoTechnology that leverages scalable video coding based on Vidyo's unique intellectual property is a breakthrough technology that has the potential to bring high quality video and video conferencing over the Internet into the mainstream," says Andrew W. Davis, Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research LLC. "The products and technologies from Vidyo represent the launch of a whole new generation of intelligent solutions that promise the video quality, network resiliency, and low cost that enterprise video conferencing users have long desired."

A Better, Smarter Way to Work

VidyoConferencing answers the decades-long challenges of traditional video conferencing: low quality, high costs, and difficulty in implementation and usage. Because it is built with a completely new architecture that works over the Internet, as well as over corporate networks, the end result is improved video quality, lower network requirements and a highly scalable solution that can be deployed everywhere. What this means is that VidyoConferencing can easily deliver HD quality to every desktop computer, whether in the office or for remote users.

The VidyoConferencing product family is the world's first scalable coding enabled system. It includes the VidyoRouter(TM), VidyoRoom(TM), VidyoDesktop(TM), VidyoPortal(TM) and the VidyoGateway(TM); a complete solution spanning from the highest end room system available to HD-enabled desktop conferencing.

"For over ten years in this industry, I've witnessed the frustration of customers who are eager to use video conferencing, but are repeatedly disappointed by products and systems that don't live up to promises," said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo CEO. "Vidyo is the first company that brings price and performance in line with users' expectations. This is evidenced by the huge amount of interest we're getting from OEMs, end-users and resellers, validating the importance of this new technology and product line."

The VidyoRouter: A New Paradigm for Multiparty Conferencing

Vidyo eliminates the need for the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) that is required in traditional video conferencing systems. Vidyo was the first company to develop unique intellectual property that can use scalable video coding such as the H.264/SVC standard to enable the development of the VidyoRouter. The Vidyo Router provides functions such as composite layout, rate matching and error localization. It achieves this without decoding or encoding the video, making it much more scalable, economic and, most importantly, provides lower delay and high video quality.

Since the VidyoRouter sends only as many packets as an endpoint is capable of handling, network utilization efficiency is significantly improved. Because the amount of processing power and bandwidth available at each endpoint is dynamic, the VidyoRouter constantly tests and recalibrates what it ought to be passing along as conditions change during the session. Accordingly, each participant in a conference is ensured of having the very best experience they're capable of receiving.

VidyoConferencing: The First HD Video Conferencing Solution That Scales from the Room to the Desktop

Underlying the architecture of the VidyoRouter is the VidyoTechnology that leverages the new H.264/SVC standard, a video compression technique that, together with Vidyo's unique intellectual property, enables applications to dynamically adapt to varying network conditions. Because all VidyoConferencing products are based on this protocol, they are purpose-built for top quality video conferencing over the Internet.

Before VidyoTechnology, video transmission simply did not work well over converged IP networks. Organizations could only achieve high-quality video conferencing by acquiring special-purpose equipment and dedicated high- bandwidth networks that proved to be expensive and difficult to use for point to point and especially for multipoint calls. With VidyoConferencing, the less-than-ideal performance, cost, ease-of-use, and networking issues that have plagued MCU-based video conferencing products for decades are removed. And because VidyoConferencing was designed with the Internet in mind, it simply and effectively is able to provide high-quality, low-latency, highly resilient deployments over general-purpose IP networks.

The VidyoConferencing End-to-End Solution

VidyoConferencing products have all been designed to take advantage of an organization's existing IP infrastructure - with no dedicated networks required. The complete family of Vidyo products includes:

VidyoRoom(TM) - The VidyoRoom appliance achieves something extraordinary: smooth motion. That means HD quality at 720p video and up to 60 frames per second, which delivers natural, life-like video. The VidyoRoom is easy-to- configure and its flexible conference control options make it simple to manage, using either a web-based client or a remote control device to access the VidyoPortal(TM). The VidyoRoom HD100 and HD200 models can be ordered with camera and speakerphone, or standalone. Prices range from $6,000 to $13,000.

VidyoDesktop(TM) - an HD software client for video conferencing experience conducted over general converged IP networks, available for Mac or PC. Users are assigned a personal space that can be password-protected, thus making it possible for meetings to be held anytime - whether impromptu or by prior arrangement. The VidyoRouter allows even weaker desktop or laptops to participate in the call. At the same time dual core laptops can receive HD quality.

VidyoPortal(TM) - a web-based environment from which VidyoConferencing is managed. For end-users, all functions required to initiate or join a video conference are supported including adding participants to a conference; defining calling features such as speed-dial; searching or browsing for other users; and setting personal account preferences. For administrators, the VidyoPortal serves as a central management environment offering ability to set system-wide parameters and policies; establish end-user and association privileges; control and customize user conferencing capabilities.

VidyoRouter - The VidyoRouter is extremely scalable, supporting up to 100 HD, rate matching, voice activated or continuous presence participants on a single VidyoRouter. As described previously, this is the underlying component that completely changes the video conferencing architecture for organizations. A VidyoRouter port is priced at $1000 per year, and volume discounts are available. The VidyoRouter ports provide rate matching at 720P/60FPS and at the same time introduce dramatically lower price points.

VidyoGateway(TM) - Enables legacy, MCU-based systems to interoperate with VidyoConferencing components. The VidyoGateway supports both H.264 and H.263 legacy video endpoints at up to HD resolution, wide band audio and SIP and H.323 signaling.

About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo, Inc., headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, is a pioneer in a new era of video conferencing products that deliver HD quality over the Internet. Underlying all VidyoConferencing solutions is the first new video conferencing architecture in decades, built on a VidyoRouter(TM). This, combined with VidyoTechnology which leverages Vidyo's unique intellectual property built upon the new H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standard, results in the industry's best resilience and lowest latency to be accomplished over converged IP networks. Vidyo's technology for OEMs and end-to-end product solutions for organizations are able to support point-to-point and multi-point connections that include a variety of different platforms ranging from Mac & Windows desktops to dedicated room solutions. No dedicated networks required. Learn more at

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