Video Transmitter extends PC/HDTV resolutions up to 200 ft.

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Model AT-DVI40SRS single CAT5 DVI-D extender includes send unit that features adapter like footprint allowing it to attach directly to any sources DVI port, and receive side that is small enough to hide behind any display. Product has ability to learn EDID from any display, which eliminates need to re-sync each time monitor is turned off or disconnected.

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Atlona Introduces the AT-DVI40SRS, a Single CAT5 DVI-D Extender

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San Jose, CA - June 1, 2008 - Atlona Technologies has just announced a new product for their already impressive line of Video Extenders. The all new DVI40SRS is a single CAT5 DVI-D extender, which can extend PC and HDTV resolutions up to 60m/200ft. Atlona Technologies provides a well rounded line of solution based products for any Audio Video application. The company recently released its single CAT5 HDMI extender, and has had to more than triple original production runs in order to keep up with the demand for the popular product. Atlona's marketing director Christopher Bundy believes their new DVI40SRS will follow suit, stating; "The market has been waiting for products like this, something easy to use, that can reliably move video past the limitations of a strait cable". These new DVI extenders are already available for pre-order, and if you're looking to get your hands on one you should order early. If the market turn out is anything like their previous single CAT5 extender release, the firm may sell out of the first batch before they even leave the production floor.

Atlona has been bringing new products to the market at an astounding rate. The company's anything and everything motto, when it comes to the scope of their solutions, has lead them to become an asset for integrators and installers all over. The DVI40SRS will no doubt find its way into flow charts all over the world. The send unit of this extender, features a small, adapter like, footprint allowing it to attach directly to any sources DVI port. The receive side is slightly larger, but still small enough to hide unobtrusively behind any display. The DVI40SRS also features the ability to "learn" EDID from any display, meaning it will not need to re-sync each time the monitor is turned off or disconnected.

The AT-DVI40SRS is expected to be release by late June, at an economical $329.00 (MSRP). For more information about this product, visit

Company Name: Atlona Technologies

Country: United States

Phone: 877.536.3976 E113


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