Video Shows Bakers How to Use a Datalogger for Food Safety

Free Downloadable Baking Process Kill Step Calculator from AIB

CHESTERLAND, OH — A helpful tutorial from the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) website shows how bakers can use a data logger to generate oven temperature profiles and improve food safety. Oven temperature data loggers are an ideal way for QC managers working under new FSMA standards to present temperature data to regulators. Now the AIB has put up a tutorial video showing how to use a data logger for their free Baking Process Kill Step Calculator. If you need to create your own temperature profiles, CAS DataLoggers can provide you with oven temperature dataloggers--Call us today at (800) 956-4437!

Kill Step Calculator is Easy to Use:

According to the AIB site, “The Baking Process Kill Step Calculator helps bakers evaluate the lethality of their process for destruction of Salmonella spp. in a variety of products. This interactive tool takes recorded time and temperature parameters and automatically determines the total process lethality (e.g., 5 log) for Salmonella. All you need is Excel software and a data logger. The generated report can be used as guidance and as a supporting documentation for FSMA’s validation and verification process.”

It’s simple—just select cells from your logger’s exported Excel sheet and paste them into the calculator. The calculator also enables users to create a line chart of the oven’s temperature profile and view each probe’s data over each oven run.

Just input the time and temperature data from the datalogger and AIB’s calculator does the rest, generating your oven profiles. Enter your product and process specs and the formula will automatically calculate your process lethality.

Dataloggers Establish an Oven Temperature Profile:

Oven temperature data loggers are integral in documenting food product safety and optimizing your process. An oven datalogger can collect the temperature data to show you the ‘hot and cold’ spots inside the oven, and can also show the internal temperature of the food products within.

Grant’s Oven Temperature Profiling Kit has everything you need for oven temperature profiling and temperature profiling in one easy to use and convenient system. The Grant OMK610 kit has many new features to assist in production quality control and to reduce operating costs, complete with the datalogger, probes, stainless steel thermal barrier and profiling software.

Temperature Profiling Software:

SquirrelView is a universal software package that is included with every new Grant Squirrel data logger. As indicated in the video, Grant’s software similarly allows users to Export data into Excel or as a CSV file for customizable data analysis. SquirrelView Plus gives additional benefits such as graphical data analyses and advanced reporting options.

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