Video Sharing Service lets uploaders get paid for content.

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Fargo Tube utilizes Web 2.0 format to enable all users to profit from uploaded video content, track commissions, and create/manage online advertising. Pertaining to original content, users can share in all ad revenue generated by video, attach prices to and sell videos, as well as share in referral revenues. Users can also upload videos for which they do not hold copyright, but they are flagged immediately upon upload and require agreement to be reached with copyright holder.

Original Press Release:

F3 Technologies Announces Launch of Fargo Tube

- Revolutionary web 2.0 format will change the way videos are shared and monetized on the internet -

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Sept. 3 -- F3 Technologies (Pink Sheets: AUMN) today announced the pending launch of the newest version of Fargo Tube, with more features than any other video sharing network on the internet. Fargo Tube seeks to revolutionize the way that videos are shared across the internet by giving all users the ability to profit from their uploaded video content as well as for sharing the site with others. In addition, the new Fargo Tube seeks to solve the problem of copyright infringement so long ignored by other video sharing services.

Upload Videos ... Get Paid!

The new version of Fargo Tube will still allow users to: 1) upload their original content and share in all ad revenue generated by that video; 2) attach a price to their video and sell it through Fargo Tube; and 3) to share in all revenues generated by users they refer to the site. In addition, users and advertisers will now be able to create profile pages, track commissions, create and manage online advertising immediately, and upload videos for which they do not hold the copyright due to the advanced features being implemented by Fargo Tube. These copyrighted videos will be flagged immediately upon upload and the copyright holder will be contacted to establish an agreement with Fargo Tube. Once that agreement is reached, the copyright content will be displayed to viewers via an online channel created for the copyright holder. All videos uploaded after the agreement is reached will be sent straight to the copyright holder's channel.

Copyright Infringement Addressed

Due to this new method of flagging videos, copyright holders will no longer be responsible for monitoring content uploaded at Fargo Tube for copyright infringement. Fargo Tube seeks to partner with these copyright holders in the beginning to reduce infringement, reduce user liability for uploading that content, and ensure the revenue generated by these videos is assigned to the proper copyright holder. This will ensure the content remains freely viewable by the consumer, while maintaining the sanctity of the copyright for the copyright holder.

The new Fargo Tube version will be launched in October 2008 at

F3 Technologies, Inc. (F3) is an Atlanta-based SaaS development company and application service provider created to provide on-demand Internet solutions to consumers and small to mid-sized companies.

Contact: F3 Technologies, Inc.
Jim Canouse, VP Finance
1-800-418-4870 ext. 201

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