Video Illustrates Revolutionary Electroceramic Coating Processing

Rocky Hill, Conn. - April 7, 2009... A new video from Henkel Corporation illustrates the step-by-step process and the end-user benefits of a revolutionary multifunctional electroceramic base coating technology, Alodine® EC2(TM). The video is available online at

Alodine EC2 ElectroCeramic Coating technology reduces parts processing costs and provides exceptional corrosion, temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance on aluminum, titanium, aluminum alloys and other light metal parts. This high temperature-resistant coating is designed to extend the life of parts exposed to harsh and corrosive operating conditions, delivering titanium ceramic toughness and durability on lower cost substrates. Alodine EC2 exponentially improves the corrosion resistance and performance of marine engines, plumbing and HVAC equipment, automotive components, appliances, cookware, and a variety of other industrial parts exposed to moisture, fuel, oil and other environmental contaminants.

The video is broken down into eight individual sections. Section 1: The Challenge outlines the need for improved coatings that deliver better longevity for light metal substrates in harsh environments. Section 2: The Solution explains the science behind the ElectroCeramic Coating process. Section 3: The Benefits makes the case for switching to ElectroCeramic Coating. Section 4: The Coating Process illustrates the environmentally responsible six-step Alodine EC2 process versus 16-step traditional coatings.

Section 5: Why Henkel? describes the technical support and overall experience that Henkel brings to its customers. Section 6: Build or Buy discusses in-house and outsourced methods of incorporating ElectroCeramic Coating processes into a manufacturing operation. Section 7: Licensed Process Centers provides information on the independently operated coating facilities available to coat parts. Section 8: The Finish Line summarizes the corrosion resistance benefits of ElectroCeramic Coating technology.

To view the video online, visit the Alodine EC2 website at DVD copies of the video are available by completing the form on "contact us" page of the website, or by calling 1-866-332-7024, option 6.

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