Video I/O and Processor XMC incorporates audio support.

Press Release Summary:

Along with DaVinci™ digital media processor, VPP-8112 incorporates ARM® Cortex-A8 processor running embedded Linux® system, floating point VLIW DSP, video image co-processor for H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression, decompression, and 3D graphics processing unit. Conduction-cooled module, able to be installed on any single board processor or passive carrier, accommodates various input and output channels with image processing capability. Dual stereo audio inputs and outputs are standard.

Original Press Release:

CES - Creative Electronic Systems SA Launches Video I/O and Processor Module with Audio Support

DaVinci™-digital media processor from Texas Instruments

12 watts average power consumption

XMC form-factor, rugged or extended range conduction-cooled

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — CES - Creative Electronic Systems SA today announced the VPP-8112 video I/O and processor XMC. The VPP-8112 accommodates various input and output channels with powerful image processing capability in a small conduction-cooled format.

“The VPP-8112 is specifically designed as a powerful video acquisition and processing solution for harsh environmental conditions,” stated Hervé Garchette, CEO of CES. “The XMC form-factor makes it possible to use this module in many types of systems with XMC carriers.”

The VPP-8112 features the DaVinci™ digital media processor from Texas Instruments. It incorporates an ARM® Cortex-A8 processor, running an embedded Linux® system, a floating point VLIW DSP, a video image coprocessor for H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression, decompression and a 3D graphics processing unit. Its multiple integrated I/O peripherals provide native support for a PCIe x1 Gen2 link, two Gigabit Ethernet links, one SATA-II interface for external storage and two USB 2.0 ports. The VPP-8112 has two stereo audio inputs and outputs to compliment the video capability of the module.

The VPP-8112 excels in harsh, conduction-cooled environments. With its low power consumption and standard conduction-cooled XMC format, the VPP-8112 can be installed on any single board processor or passive carrier, for example the ISC-8422 from CES.

For system prototyping and evaluation, CES offers an integrated laboratory system with a VPP-8112 installed on a carrier that links via PCIe to a RIO6-8093 VME single board computer. A stand-alone development kit is available that provides easy access to all I/O interfaces.

CES provides fully integrated flight computers with video processing, general-purpose processing, and avionic I/O interfaces using the VPP-8112.

The VPP-8112 module has options for air-cooled and conduction-cooled operating environments.

The VPP-8112 is available with a device driver for an x86 Linux® or PPC VxWorks® host, and the complete firmware for the supported features.

About CES – CES - Creative Electronic Systems SA

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, CES - Creative Electronic Systems SA has been designing and manufacturing complex high-performance avionic, defense and communication boards, subsystems, and complete systems since 1981. CES is involved in the most advanced aerospace and defense programs throughout Europe and the U.S., and delivers innovative solutions worldwide.

CES has developed very sophisticated know-how and expertise in order to integrate reliable hardware and software building blocks into market-specific solutions (such as ground and flight test computers, ground station subsystems, radar subsystems, mission computers, DAL A certified computers, video platforms, as well as test and support equipment). For more information, visit

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