Video Enhancement System improves user-generated content.

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Ikena(TM) System features algorithms that correct and enhance quality of user-generated content caused by limited capabilities of mass-market devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. It recovers information from multiple frames to reconstruct high-resolution video from low-resolution source. Using Intel® and AMD®-based rack servers running Linux(TM), Ikena integrates into existing workflows and automates processing of video files through Linux and Windows® API.

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MotionDSP Announces Breakthrough Video Enhancement Technology for User-Generated Content

Ikena System Enables Internet Video Sites and Carriers to Vastly Improve the Quality Of Video From Mobile Phones

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 30 /-- MotionDSP, an emerging leader in digital video enhancement, today announced the company's first product and specific details on its patented, military-grade video enhancement technology. MotionDSP's patented algorithms correct and enhance the poor quality of user-generated content caused by the limited optics and capabilities of mass-market devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. The company's technology was originally developed at the University of California, Santa Cruz by one of the world's foremost authorities in image processing, Professor Peyman Milanfar.

MotionDSP's technology recovers information from multiple frames to reconstruct a high-resolution video from the low-resolution source. The company's first product, the Ikena(TM) System, allows Internet video sites and mobile carriers to enhance thousands of videos per day and aims to set a new standard of video quality for user-generated content. Specific examples are found at .

"We are very excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to consumers," said Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. "Ikena has the potential to redefine consumer video by enabling the device we all carry with us-our phone-to capture quality video that we can share with family and friends. Whether provided as a unique feature by Internet video sites, or as a value-added service by mobile phone providers, Ikena has the ability to change the way we use video in our lives. We look forward to bringing this new technology to market and to announcing our first customers shortly."

MotionDSP's core intellectual property is protected by several patents and is now being delivered to customers through its Ikena video processing system. Ikena is designed as a scalable, drop-in solution for the automated processing of video and is the first of several expected products from MotionDSP. Ikena is designed for high-volume use by Internet Video sites such as MySpace(TM) and YouTube(TM), as well as mobile carriers such as Cingular(R), Verizon(R), and DoCoMo(R).

Using industry-standard Intel(R) and AMD(R)-based rack servers running Linux(TM), Ikena easily integrates into existing workflows and completely automates the processing of video files through a Linux and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) API (Application Programming Interface).

In addition to immediate availability of the Ikena system, MotionDSP also simultaneously announced a new evaluation program for volume customers interested in experiencing MotionDSP's products firsthand. Contact for specifics on the program and availability.

How it Works:
MotionDSP's technology uses the motion present in all videos - either from the movement of the camera, or the objects in the scene - and tracks each and every pixel from frame to frame. The computational power required to track every pixel in every frame is handled by the Ikena system. Ikena then uses this information to construct a high-resolution version of each frame. This results in the ability to 'scale-up' a small video to a larger size, while also adding in new detail and clarity. By using all the available information of a video scene, MotionDSP's algorithm is able to discard noise and compression artifacts. This 'computational super-resolution' is MotionDSP's core technology.

Ikena supports the following video and audio formats:

o Video File Formats
o Video Codec Support
-- MPEG-4, WMV7, WMV8, WMV9, VC-1, H.263, H.264
o Audio Codec Support
o Video Resolution
-- Input: Up to CIF/QVGA
-- Output: Up to QVGA/CIF

Pricing and Availability:
Ikena systems capable of real-time processing of input video start at $30,000. The systems are immediately available for qualified buyers - inquiries should be directed to

Company Information:
MotionDSP is an emerging leader in digital video enhancement. MotionDSP's next-generation technology enables Internet video sites and mobile carriers to vastly improve the quality video captured by consumer video devices such as mobile phones and webcams. MotionDSP's research engineers are leaders in the field of image processing and its management team has extensive experience in IPTV, Consumer Electronics, and the Entertainment Industry.

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