Video/Data Transmitter provides direct-to-fiber connection.

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Model VT1700WDM Vicon video transmitter and data receiver mounts directly to Vicon Surveyor(TM) dome system, making camera fiber optic transmission-ready. Unit simultaneously transmits video and 1-way control data over 1 multimode optical fiber. It supports RS-422 data protocol used for pan, tilt, and zoom control. Contact-closure input allows addition of dome tamper switch or alarm event with signal transmission back to monitoring location.

Original Press Release:

IFS Introduces Integrated Fiber Optic Video and Data Transmitter for Use in Vicon Surveyor(TM) Dome Cameras

New VT1700WDM VICON mounts directly in to a Vicon Sureveyor(TM) to make Camera Fiber Optic Transmission Ready

NEWTOWN, CT. September 8, 2003 - International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS), a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced the introduction of its VT1700WDM Vicon video transmitter and data receiver. The VT1700WDM Vicon video transmitter and data receiver is designed for use in the Vicon Surveyor(TM) dome system providing a fully integrated solution. This module mounts directly into the camera's dome unit, replacing the traditional power, data and coaxial cable connection. The VT1700WDM Vicon changes the Surveyor(TM) camera from a standard coaxial cable connected dome to a direct-to-fiber connection. The optical output of the dome is compatible with the standard IFS VR1700WDM or VR1700WDM-CC receiver. The IFS VT1700WDM Vicon allows for the simultaneous transmission of video and one-way control data over one multimode optical fiber. The unit supports the RS-422 data protocol that Vicon utilizes for camera pan, tilt and zoom control. In addition, an added feature built into the VT1700WDM Vicon is the addition of a contact-closure input. Now an additional device such as a dome tamper switch or alarm event input can be added and its signal transmitted back to the monitoring location. This feature eliminates the need for additional wiring to support the alarm contact closure.

The VT1700WDM-Vicon is designed for quick and easy installation into the Surveyor(TM) dome unit and utilizes multimode optical fiber. In addition, the VT1700WDM-Vicon transceiver is designed to be an integral part of the Surveyor(TM) system, there are no external electrical connections, the fiber module requires no external power source and no additional hardware at the camera site. According to Dave Sinise, IFS Product Manager, "Installing the VT1700WDM Vicon is incredibly easy. Simply press the fiber optic module directly into the data converter connector of the Surveyor(TM) within the dome. Then, tighten and connect the fiber optic cable, supply line voltage and attach the camera module."

The benefit to using optical fiber is to eliminate ground loops while offering a secure medium that is virtually impossible to tap into. It also offers superior signal transmission even in environments that are subject to hostile Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

"With more installations utilizing a fiber optic backbone, many consultants are specifying equipment that is fiber ready.
We're very excited to add Vicon to the growing list of companies that IFS offers direct to optical fiber interfaces for," said
Richard Malstrom, Vice President of Sales at IFS. "We believe that more and more camera and access control product manufactures recognize the benefits of signal transmission over optical fiber and wvill offer direct to fiber interfaces in the
future. We at IFS are ready to assist any or all that would like to take advantage of our expertise in fiber optic technology and
product development. " Said Malstrom

The VT1700WDM Vicon is designed for ease of use and to be maintenance free. These modules will operate in extreme
climates and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 74°C. The unit can support distances of up to 1.8 miles (3km)
without repeaters.

And like all IFS fiber optic transmission products, the VT1700WDM Vicon is backed by the IFS exclusive Lifetime Product Warranty. In the rare occurrence that there should be a problem, IFS will repair or replace the VT1700WDM Vicon for the life of the installation.

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