Video Crosspoint Switch supports HD, 3D, and Ultra HD.

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With 84,100 unique paths at 3.5 Gbps and data throughput up to 1 Tbps, Model GX3290 manages up to 290 inputs x 290 outputs of independent signals simultaneously, enabling manufacturers and broadcasters to effectively handle next-generation video formats and data rate requirements in studio. Switch consumes 34 W with all channels active and operates at 1 W in standby. It also features dynamically scalable power management options, whereby unused portions of core are automatically turned off.

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Gennum Unveils World's Largest, Most Feature-Rich Video Crosspoint Switch

Crosspoint Portfolio Developed from the 'Ground Up' for HD, 3D and Ultra HD, Delivers New Performance Capabilities for Broadcast Studio Equipment

BURLINGTON, ON, -- Gennum Corporation (TSX: GND), a leading supplier of high-speed optical, analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions, today introduced its new 3Gb/s crosspoint product portfolio, which achieves exceptional performance, size and power milestones. Regarded as a pioneer in HD video technology and market leader in broadcast equipment semiconductor solutions, Gennum developed the industry's first family of crosspoint switches to combine video-specific features with unmatched data throughput capabilities and power management. The crosspoint family, anchored by the industry's largest video crosspoint switch at 290x290, enables equipment manufacturers and broadcasters to more effectively handle next-generation video formats and the increasing data rate requirements in the studio.

"Our new crosspoint product portfolio reflects Gennum's deep technical expertise in the video broadcast market and our unique ability to deliver the features and performance required by the world's leading broadcast equipment manufacturers," said Martin Rofheart, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Analog & Mixed Signal Products at Gennum. "As the broadcast industry continues its infrastructure upgrade to support next-generation video formats such as 3Gb/s/HD, 3D and UltraHD, the need to support multiple data rates and video formats will dramatically increase the size and complexity of next-generation video broadcast systems. Our crosspoint portfolio not only combines exceptional size, performance and power management, but gives equipment manufacturers and broadcasters alike the ability to monitor and control performance."

Industry's Biggest 3Gb/s Crosspoint Enables Larger Broadcast Equipment Designs

The family of six crosspoint devices includes the industry's first 290x290 crosspoint switch, which delivers one trillion bits of data throughput per second-also known as 1 terabit per second (Tb/s). With 84,100 unique paths at 3.5 gigabits per second(Gb/s), Gennum 's GX3290 is the largest, most feature-rich solution for processing video today, enabling design of the industry's largest 3Gb/s video routers, switchers and multi-viewers.

"Next-generation TV services are multiplying beyond belief, and what used to be a single HD stream may now have dozens of versions at different bit rates to support all the new devices. Broadcasters, networks and playout centers need to guarantee the highest signal quality for hundreds of simultaneous video feeds," said Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst with In-Stat, in Scottsdale, Arizona. "Gennum has seized the initiative to deliver the highest performance, end-to-end solution for 3Gb/s video switching, and they continue to innovate with the support of multiple bit rates and new monitoring and signal quality assurance built into their crosspoint devices."

With ever-more video content being created broadcast studios are required to store, access and package tens of millions of video frames per hour, driving the need for ever larger routers and crosspoint switches. Moreover, that video must then be processed and broadcast in either SD, HD or 3D, depending on station requirements, adding another layer of complexity to the process. Crosspoint switches help manage the data flow both in and out of broadcast equipment. As the volume of inputs and outputs grows, the size and sophistication of the crosspoint switch must also increase. Acting as an extremely complex traffic signal, Gennum's crosspoint switches are the largest on the market, managing up to 290 inputs by 290 outputs of independent signals simultaneously while preserving signal quality.

A 'Ground-Up' Approach Delivers Best-in-Class Performance, Diagnostics

Leveraging its deep expertise in signal integrity technology, Gennum designed its crosspoint architecture to incorporate video-specific features that meet the unique needs of broadcast equipment applications, including:

- Sophisticated support for multiple data rates and formats: Today's broadcast equipment must support multiple rates and formats, requiring devices that can switch and update signals at multiple points in time. With eight update enable pins, Gennum's crosspoint switches allow end users to partition and independently update signals, dramatically reducing programming and switching time as well as system latency. Relevant portions of the switch matrix can then be updated in one-eighth the time required to update the entire switch. Moreover, the crosspoint switches can satisfy a wide range of broadcast equipment designs while supporting a variety of video standards - from SD and HD1080/p to 3D and emerging Ultra HD.

- Scalable power management: Power management is important for all in-studio applications, but is also increasingly important for mobile studios, such as camera trucks used at live sporting events. Delivering a solution that meets the "green" requirements for today's studio equipment, Gennum's crosspoint switch family delivers extremely low power consumption. The GX3290 290x290 switch consumes just 34W with all channels active and operates at 1W in standby. It also features dynamically scalable power management options, whereby unused portions of the core are automatically turned off without affecting the operation of the remaining channels.

- Real-time performance monitoring: Since broadcasters can be charged penalties for every second that a signal is lost, it is critical that they be able to quickly identify potential loss of signal and degradation in signal quality. Featuring an on-chip pattern generator and checker, Gennum's crosspoint switches can test and diagnose signal issues on the input or output side of system. The chip also contains an integrated, real-time eye monitor that enables you to measure the opening of the eye in real-time, providing visibility to optimize system performance. Once a router is deployed, broadcasters can monitor eye performance on any channel utilizing the on-chip eye monitor.

- Support for development of 'non-square" router configurations: Gennum's crosspoint switches support the development of routers with an asymmetrical number of inputs and outputs, increasing system flexibility and reducing the need for distribution amplifiers. This is necessary in situations where signals from one camera must be sent to multiple locations or broadcast rooms or conversely where there are more inputs than outputs, such as at a sporting event where there are dozens of cameras and other inputs and fewer outputs. The support of non-square sizes saves board space and component costs in the overall system.

"Studios must have tremendous confidence in their video equipment suppliers, as each second on air is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Michael Steel, Vice President, Video Processing and Distribution, Harris Broadcast Communications. "Gennum has a long history of developing innovative products optimized for video broadcast needs, and the new crosspoint family represents another milestone in their broadcast portfolio. We will be evaluating the large crosspoint for consideration in our future developments, and assessing how our customers could benefit from its real-time performance monitoring capability."

End-to-End Portfolio of Broadcast Video Products Optimized for Crosspoint Switch

Gennum's new family of crosspoint switches ranges from the GX3290 (290x290) to the GX3074 (74x74) to provide solutions for a variety of video applications. Additionally, Gennum's entire suite of 3Gb/s video broadcast solutions, including transmitters, receivers, equalizers, cable drivers and reclockers, are optimized to work with the new family of crosspoint switches.

290x290 Crosspoint Switch Debuts at IBC in Amsterdam

Gennum will showcase the new GX3290 crosspoint switch in a live demonstration during the IBC show in Amsterdam September 10-13. This invitation-only demonstration will enable leading broadcast equipment vendors to experience the high performance and switching capability of the 290 x 290 solution. Highlighting the chip's multi-rate capability, the demonstration will move 3D video into and off of the switch, displaying it on a 3D display, oscilloscope and waveform monitor. Appointments may be scheduled through Gennum's sales team at

Pricing and Availability

The GX3290 is sampling now with full volume product scheduled to begin in Q4 2010. The GX3290 is packaged in a 50mmx50mm ball grid array (BGA) package and will be priced at $2,400USD each in volumes of 1,000. The mid- and smaller-size crosspoint switches will begin sampling in Q4 2010 with full volume production scheduled in Q1 2011.

About Gennum

Gennum Corporation (TSX: GND) designs innovative semiconductor solutions and intellectual property (IP) cores for the world's most advanced broadcast, networking, storage and telecom products. Leveraging the company's proven, high-speed optical, analog and mixed-signal products and IP, Gennum enables multimedia and data communications products to send and receive information without compromising the signal integrity. Recognized as an award winner for advances in high definition (HD) broadcasting, Gennum is headquartered in Burlington, Canada, and has global design, research and development and sales offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, United States, Taiwan, India and the United Kingdom.

Gennum and the Gennum logo are all registered trademarks of Gennum Corporation.

CONTACT: Gennum Media Contact: Robin Vaitonis, 1-480-381-6302,

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