Video Collaboration Software supports Android and iOS users.

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With peer-to-peer technology, RealityVision® v3.2 enables mobile users to proactively share video in real-time with other authorized mobile users, without any action required on remote user's part. User sharing feed can designate starting point for any shared video and, if stream contains location information or text tags, recipients can view that information as well. Leveraging RealityVision Automation Gateway, sharing function can be initiated through pre-defined business rules.

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Reality Mobile® Unveils RealityVision® 3.2

New Release Enables Real-Time Peer-To-Peer Video Sharing for Android and Apple iOS Users

RealityVision 3.2 delivers an enhanced operating platform for mobile device users, thanks to patented processes and advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. With this groundbreaking product, a mobile user can proactively share video in real-time with other authorized mobile users, without any action required on the remote user's part.

HERNDON, Va., -- Reality Mobile®, a Virginia-based technology company delivering enterprise-class real-time mobile video collaboration solutions, today announced the availability of RealityVision® 3.2.

The product delivers game-changing capabilities to Android and iOS users, by allowing them to share video feeds they are watching or transmitting with other authorized users, along with associated mapping information and other contextual data. "As more users migrate to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones," notes David Kramer, President and CEO of Reality Mobile, "our patented technologies extend their ability to share rich media and other information in real-time."

With the new release, a RealityVision user viewing a video stream (including RealityVision screencasts) can cause it to be shared with other mobile users and viewed in real-time. The user sharing the feed can designate the starting point for any shared video and, if the stream contains location information or text tags, the recipients will be able to view that information as well. The technology also allows the user to view a live stream from a remote source without the remote user needing to take any action.

Users of supported Android smartphones and tablets and iPhones will be able to utilize a new "Share" function within the application to directly "Send Video" while transmitting or watching a single video feed. The user will be able to select other authorized users and send notifications regarding the shared video, add context to the shared feed and then immediately share. Leveraging the RealityVision Automation Gateway, the sharing function can be initiated through pre-defined business rules.

iPad users will have similar capabilities, and will be able to simultaneously visualize multiple video sources and share directly from that view. They will also have an enhanced user experience as the first features of a "light" version of the RealityVision management console are migrated to a tablet. All live RealityVision user locations and activities will now be viewable from the main and side maps of the iPad.

For more on RealityVision's expanded P2P capabilities, including an enhanced Command History interface, please visit's-new-realityvision.

"We designed and built the RealityVision platform to optimize mobile video collaboration by incorporating many different visual sources," explains Brian Geoghegan, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer of Reality Mobile. "At the same time, the product allows each enterprise to easily tailor the sources it wants to share with authorized users." All sharing occurs securely within the RealityVision network and not via SMS, email or social networks.

RealityVision 3.2 is available immediately to all customers with active Annual Maintenance and Support contracts. Potential users are also invited to visit the Reality Mobile web site to learn more about RealityVision, schedule a webinar and see first-hand a demonstration of RealityVision's features, benefits and patented technology.

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Founded in 2003, Reality Mobile is expanding the frontiers of enterprise mobile technology by giving users access to video, data, sensors and expertise throughout their organization and around the world at the push of a button. Our flagship product, RealityVision, With a focus on meeting the enterprise need for strict security, rigorous manageability, collaboration and real-time decision making, RealityVision allows organizations to simultaneously share multiple information flows in an instant. For more information, please visit

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