Video Camera Systems view processes inside furnaces.

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Lenox/Pultz high-temperature CCTV video camera systems provide plant engineers and operators views of burner flames, material alignment and movement, and other process conditions. Mounted directly through wall, flush with exterior wall of furnace or other combustion chamber, or for pan-and-tilt control, products are offered with stainless-steel or aluminum housings that handle temperatures to 4,250 and 500°F, respectively. Both use CCD color camera.

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Lenox/Pultz High-Temperature CCTV Furnace Video Camera Systems View Processes From Inside Furnace Environment

Trevose, PA, July 2005 - The Lenox / Pultz family of high-temperature video camera systems gives plant engineers & operators clear, high-resolution views of burner flames, material alignment & movement, and other process conditions. These units are designed to be mounted either directly through the wall, flush with the exterior wall of a furnace or other combustion chamber, or for pan-and-tilt control.

Lenox / Pultz camera systems, available with a stainless-steel or aluminum housing, are widely used by the steel and metals industry to view vacuum degassers, molten metal pouring stations, continuous casters, reheat furnaces, and continuous annealers, among other steel finishing operations. The cameras are also beneficial in the cement and paper industries in kilns and bark burners, as well as in other industries in a variety of hot processes.

The stainless steel camera housing employs a steel triple wall laminar flow for efficient water-cooling of the camera and pinhole lens technology, enabling operation in hostile environments up to 4250°F (2345°C). The aluminum water-cooled camera housing enables operation in environments up to 500°F (260°C) with pinhole or 300°F (149°C) with window.

Both the steel-housed and aluminum-housed systems feature a CCD color camera for image capture. The camera can be configured with a variety of lens options, including zoom capability, and is available with several mounting styles such as pan-and-tilt, cradle-mount and flange-mount.

Each Lenox / Pultz High-Temperature Camera system is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument, and is backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty.

For more information on the Lenox / Pultz High-Temperature Cameras, please contact Lenox Instrument Company, Inc., 265 Andrews Road, Trevose, PA 19053-3427 USA; Tel: 1-800-356-1104 or 215-322-9990; Fax: 215-322-6126; E-mail:; Web:

For more than 80 years, Lenox Instrument Company has been serving the defense, power generation, and industrial markets by solving their most challenging, and often, hostile remote image acquisition. Located outside Philadelphia, in Bucks County PA, Lenox is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of premier Remote Vision Instruments (R.V.I.) Lenox offers a full line of borescopes, videoscopes, and light sources. Lenox also manufactures FireSight, our exclusive line of high temperature boiler and furnace camera systems. All Lenox products are factory-serviced and backed by industry-leading warranties.

Bill Lang, Lenox Instrument Company, Inc., 265 Andrews Road, Trevose, PA 19053-3427, USA; Fax: 215-322-6126; E-mail:

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