Video Balun connects multiple CCTV devices.

Press Release Summary:

Model EVT-PB1 connects CCTV cameras to monitor, multiplexer, or video recorder at up to 1,950 ft for B/W or 1,300 ft for color. Measuring 2 ¾ x ¾ x 5/8 in., miniature device includes quick-connect screwless terminal blocks for twisted pair wire connections. With balun, video signal can be transmitted over CAT5 unshielded cable instead of coax cable. Video formats such as RS170, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and CCIR are supported at frequencies ranging from dc-5 MHz.

Original Press Release:

For Easy, Quick, and Inexpensive Connection of Multiple CCTV Devices Over CAT5 or UTP Cable (Long Distances) While Preserving Signal Quality

IRVINE, CALIF., June 1, 2004 - SECO-LARM U.S.A., Inc. is now offering passive video baluns to its CCTV customers. The EVT-PB1 is the quick, low-cost way to connect CCTV cameras to a monitor, multiplexer, or video recorder at up to 1,950 feet (600m) for B/W or 1,300 feet (400m) for color.

Outstanding features of the EVT-PB1 include its miniature size (2 3/4" x 3/4" x 5/8") and its quick-connect screwless terminal blocks for the twisted pair wire connections, making hookup simple.

The EVT-PB1 allows a CCTV camera's video signal to be transmitted over low-cost CAT5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable instead of costly coax cable. A pair of video baluns provides standard BNC to BNC connections to components.

A wide range of video formats is supported, including RS170, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and CCIR, at frequencies ranging from DC to 5 Mhz.

The new passive video balun is currently being shipped to authorized SECO-LARM customers.

The EVT-PB1 Video Balun is just one of SECO-LARM's wide selection of accessories for the CCTV, RF, security, and electronics industries. For more information about the video balun or any of SECO-LARM's full line of CCTV, RF, residential and commercial security systems and accessories, or to request our latest catalog, please contact the SECO-LARM Sales Department (949) 261-2999 (California), fax (949) 261-7326 or (800) 662-0800, or visit us on the Web at

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