Video/Audio Extenders include component loop-out.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to extend Component and digital audio over single CAT 5 cable without signal degradation, Models AT-COMP300SL and AT-COMP300RL feature Component loop-out for local monitoring. Units have transmission range of 1,000 ft and support resolution up to 1,080p. In addition to adding outputs for multiple displays, cascadable extenders can also combine to increase outputs for future expansion. Applications include digital signage, PA systems, boardrooms, and trade shows.

Original Press Release:

Atlona Technologies Introduces New Cascadable Component Video / Audio Extenders with Component Loop-out

Atlona's new Extenders are a convenient and cost-effective solution for transferring Component signal at long distances, eliminating the need for costly and excessive Component and Audio cables. Atlona has found that the most efficient way to move multimedia content from a component source to a display is by extending Component and digital audio over a single CAT 5 cable. Atlona's new series of CAT5 extenders do just that, without any signal degradation.

The AT-COMP300SL and AT-COMP300RL are part of a new cascadable series of baluns, called the Lynx CAT Series. These extenders also feature a Component loop-out for local monitoring. These units support high resolutions up to 1080p and have a long range transmission of up to 1000ft or 300meters. Not only can these extenders individually create more outputs for multiple displays, but they can also combine, in order to increase the amount of outputs for future expansion.

The sender units are to be used with AT-COMP300RL receiver unit. The receiver units can also be daisy chained to another AT-COMP300RL receiver to an extended a working range over 300 meters adding additional displays. The extender is the perfect product to be used for digital signage, shopping malls, public address systems, airports, train & bus station, boardrooms, trade shows and computer based training applications.

The AT-COMP300SL and AT-COMP300RL will be released early March with a MSRP of $160 and $180 respectively, and are currently available for Pre-order.

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