Video Amplifiers are offered in 1- and 4-channel models.

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ENFORCER VA-2000 Series Video Amplifiers are available as VA-2101B0-WQ 1-channel and VA-2404B-WQ 4-channel systems, which amplify video signals for transmission distances of up to 3,300 ft. Both include power-pass through circuit, allowing excess current/voltage not used by 12 Vdc power adapter to be used to power other 12 Vdc devices. Independent brightness and sharpness adjustments for each channel help fine-tune signal. Units are compatible with color and b&w signals.

Original Press Release:

SECO-LARM Introduces the VA-2000 Series of Video Amplifiers

IRVINE, CALIF., March 30, 2009 - SECO-LARM is now shipping the New ENFORCER VA-2000 Series of Video Amplifiers. The VA-2000 Series is available two models, the VA-2101B0-WQ One-Channel Video Amplifier, and the VA-2404B-WQ Four-Channel Video Amplifier. The VA-2000 Series amplifies video signals for transmission distances of up to 3300 ft (1000m).

The VA-2101B-WQ and VA-2404B-WQ Video Amplifiers both feature a unique power-pass through circuit. Excess current and voltage not used by the included 12VDC power adapter can be used to power other nearby 12VDC devices with low current-consumption.

Both models of video amplifier feature independent brightness and sharpness adjustments for each channel to fine-tune the signal for outstanding picture quality. The amplifiers are compatible with both color and black & white signals, and are installed at the monitor or DVR side of a cable run.

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