Victaulic Introduces Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling

Engineered especially for pulverized coal or limestone boiler feed lines, the Style 152A offers space savings, longer life and a safer connection than modified sleeve couplings

CHICAGO - Electric Power Exhibition (Booth #1313) - Victaulic, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, introduces the Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling, designed especially for pulverized coal and limestone pipelines at coal-fired electric generation facilities. The coupling accommodates four degrees of deflection, as well as expansion, contraction and rotation. Benefits include space savings, longer service life, and a connection that is safer than the modified sleeve couplings traditionally installed on coal feed lines.

Unlike modified sleeve couplings, the Style 152A does not require the removal of pipe wall and does not have parts that project directly into the pneumatically conveyed coal stream. This design prevents fires and unscheduled maintenance caused by protrusions that can result in heavy coal buildup within the pipe, erosion, and other damage to the piping and burner nozzles.

The Style 152A uses special Vic-Rings that hold silicone O-ring gaskets to seal the joint. The rings are welded to the steel coal feed pipe, preserving the full pipe wall thickness. The silicone O-rings slide on the Teflon-impregnated, PPS-coated coupling housing, which allows for easy deflection and transmits little force to the furnace connections and pipe supports. These features further reduce the risk of erosion and leakage, and increase the service life of the joint.

With no special tools required for assembly, installation of the Style 152A is easy; simple stud and nut hardware is all that is needed. There is no need for torque wrenches, star-pattern tightening, double nuts to prevent loosening, or re-torqueing to compensate for gasket compression set. There are no exposed bolt threads to corrode, gather dirt, bend or damage.

At approximately one-third the length of a sleeve coupling with external tie bars, and one-half the length of a sleeve coupling with set screws, the Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling offers space savings over alternative joining methods. The Style 152A allows for more compact pipe routing in toggle sections of coal feed lines because the pipelines can run closer to adjacent lines and equipment.

The Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling, available for 10 to 30-inch pipe, is constructed of PPS-coated ductile iron, and consists of a one-piece housing and two end-rings. Plated Grade 8 bolts are used to secure the end-rings to the housing. The Vic-Rings are constructed of carbon steel, and are available in a variety of sizes to permit joining of pipe and fittings with different diameters. The silicone Grade "L" O-ring seals are rated from -30 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 degrees to 177 degrees Celsius). The Style 152A is rated to 50psi and able to handle blow-back pressures.

To learn more about the Style 152A Expansion Joint Coupling and other solutions for the power generation industry, visit booth #1313 or see us on the Web at

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