Victaulic Introduces New Nozzle Joining Technology for Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Vessels

Coupling joins nozzle to header pipe faster and easier than flanged connections; reduces breakage

CHICAGO - Electric Power Exhibition (Booth #1313) - Victaulic, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, introduces the Style 220 and Style 221 Flue Gas Nozzle Couplings for use in wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) vessels. The couplings are faster and easier to install than flanged connections, provide unmatched performance benefits and reduce total installed costs.

Victaulic flue gas nozzle couplings are lightweight and install with just a single bolt, making assembly easier and faster than four-bolt flanged connections. The single-bolt connection combined with visual confirmation of proper assembly eliminates the possibility of over-tightening and cracking of nozzles, reducing installation and maintenance time and costs. If encrusted in limestone, the coupling's bolt can easily be removed with a hacksaw or grinding wheel, making nozzle cleaning and maintenance quick and simple.

Unlike flanged connections that permit only 90-degree indexing of the nozzle, the design of the Style 220 and 221 nozzle couplings allows full 360-degree nozzle orientation, permitting nozzle position adjustments based on actual, versus theoretical, spray patterns. When properly installed, the coupling holds the nozzle in the desired orientation and provides more than 50 lb/ft. of rotational resistance against slippage.

Compared to four-bolt flanged connections, total installed costs are lower with the nozzle couplings. Based on the ease and speed of nozzle coupling installation, fewer man-hours are required for initial installation as well as future maintenance. The FGD nozzle coupling also prevents breaks and cracks in the joint, reducing the need to stockpile or over order nozzle inventory.

Victaulic Style 220 and 221 nozzle couplings contain an EPDM gasket that is well suited for lime slurry and provides a triple seal between the pipe and the shouldered ceramic nozzle to prevent leakage, as well as uniform compression and a cushioning effect that reduces stress on the nozzle.

The Style 220 coupling for alloy pipe and the Style 221 coupling for fiberglass-reinforced pipe are constructed of the same material as the header pipe, providing comparable corrosion and abrasion resistance. The coupling housings are thicker than the pipe and provide additional strength and external corrosion and abrasion allowance compared to the pipe.

Both styles of the FGD nozzle coupling are available in 2.5, 3 and 4-inch sizes. Shouldered end nozzles are available from all major nozzle manufacturers.

To learn more about the Style 220 and 221 Flue Gas Nozzle Couplings and other solutions for the power generation industry, visit booth #1313 or see us on the Web at

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