Vibratory Ash Extractor handles dry bottom ash.

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Suited for pulverized bituminous and sub-bituminous coal boilers, VAX(TM) vibratory ash extractor features vibrating bed to cool ash from 1,800 °F to 500 °F and optimize combustion. Vibratory conveyor in unit can resist large slag falls and absorb clinker impact, reducing stress to bin capturing bottom ash. Conveyor vibration velocity automatically compensates for load fluctuations and cooling airflow capacity. Extractor can handle material temperatures up to 800°F.

Original Press Release:

United Conveyor Corporation Unveils VAX(TM) Vibratory Ash Extractor for Utility Providers

The Next Generation VAX Dry Bottom Ash Handling - A Smart Way to Improve Plant Performance, Recapture Heat and Increase Output

Waukegan, IL, November 6, 2008 - United Conveyor Corporation (UCC), a global leader in ash handling systems and custom-engineered material handling systems, has unveiled the VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor for dry bottom ash handling. Designed to improve operational efficiencies at utility facilities, the VAX is suitable for pulverized bituminous and sub-bituminous coal boilers, and can be retrofitted for lignite fired boilers.

"Industry trends propelled the development of VAX technology. Plants are facing rising maintenance and labor costs, combined with greater demand for overall efficiency, output, and performance reliability," states Dan Charhut, vice president of Sales and Technology at UCC. "Compliance mandates and environmental issues compound challenges for utility operators. The VAX new Vibratory Ash Extractor meets a critical need as plants upgrade and transition away from outdated wet systems. The technology is a logical progression for improving the bottom-line of utility plants."

The VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor incorporates a unique vibratory conveyor trough that can resist large slag falls and absorb clinker impact, reducing stress to the bin capturing the bottom ash. Coil springs absorb impact and transmit the vibrating motion to the steel pan, eliminating the need for tensioning devices or secondary conveyors to remove fine particles. Unlike wet designs that require rollers and belts, and secondary conveyors, the VAX is designed with no exposed moving parts in the boiler flue gas environment, in order to minimize forced boiler outages and improve boiler efficiency.

The result is a technology that improves business value and benefits beyond traditional wet systems. VAX provides superior bottom dry ash removal and is ideal for industrial environments where water is scarce or disposal a consideration. The forced air conveyor vibration ensures thorough ash agitation and prevents fusion of bio-mass ash. The unique vibrating bed cools ash from 1800 F to 500 F and optimizes combustion.

The VAX conveyor vibration velocity automatically compensates for load fluctuations and cooling airflow capacity. The energy efficient eccentric drive arrangement operates at only 25-50% of start-up power. Controlled forced air over the entire surface of ash particles creates intensive cooling and ensures uniform bed temperatures to enhance oxidation of residual carbon in falling ash. The vibrating conveyor more efficiently reduces radiation loss when compared to moving belts that create bigger dust clouds. The air space above the VAX contains the dust cloud, reducing loss of radiation energy when compared to wet bottom ash systems.

UCC provides complete project management and support on every VAX installation, partnering with customers to build a business case, specify equipment, and provide custom engineering and expert project management for a successful VAX installation and post-installation technical support. Engineered and manufactured for continuous operability, VAX lowers total cost of ownership in terms of durability, parts reliability and maintenance.

The VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor is now available in North America and worldwide. UCC serves a majority of North American utility companies, offering the industry's broadest conveyor product line and process-integrated system solutions.

VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor - Key Features

o Material Temperatures up to 425 °C (800 °F)
o Wide Range of Material/Particle Sizes
o Wear Resistant Components
o Modular Construction
o Minimal Moving Parts

VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor - Key Benefits

o Vibratory Motion Keeps Ash Fluid and Well Aerated
o Increased Heat Recovery and More Complete Ash Combustion
o Energy Efficient and Environmentally Responsive
o Majority of Components Maintained Externally
o Majority of Maintenance Performed On-Line
o Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs

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United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) is a global leader in ash handling solutions for the power generation industry and preferred supplier for reagent handling expertise. Since 1920, UCC has been committed to the design, supply, construction, and maintenance of world class conveyor systems precisely engineered to better serve utility providers. The company owns and operates a steel fabrication facility to maintain direct control over quality and timely delivery of manufactured components and replacement parts guaranteed to meet or exceed stringent customer performance requirements. A trusted industry partner, UCC offers a global network of sales and service representatives serving customers and installations spanning six continents.

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