Vibration-Resistant TCXO offers optimal acceleration sensitivity.

Press Release Summary:

Available from 10–50 MHz in 9 x 7 mm SMT package, T1307 utilizes vibration compensation technology to maximize performance under vibration (≤7 x 10-11/g) and offers phase noise performance of 30–40 dB under shock and vibration. Temperature stability is 1 ppm over -40 to 85°C, available output types include CMOS or clipped sinewave, operating voltage is 2.7–5.0 Vdc, and min current draw of 6 mA. Uses include mobile or airborne environments as well as commercial and military applications.

Original Press Release:

New T1307 Series TCXO: Exceptional Acceleration Sensitivity Performance for Demanding Environments

Greenray Industries' has announced availability of the high performance T1307 TCXO. The T1307 utilizes patented vibration compensation technology to deliver unparalleled performance under vibration (<7 x 10-11/g) and much better (e.g., 30 to 40 dB) phase noise performance under shock and vibration than typical TCXO products. In addition, the technology enables smaller packaging and cost benefits not found in typical, competing TCXO technology.

The T1307 Series TCXO is available from 10 to 50 MHz and features a 9 x 7 mm SMT package, temp stability of 1 ppm over -40 to 85°C and CMOS or clipped sinewave output. Operating voltage is from 2.7 to 5.0 VDC with a minimum current draw of 6 mA.

This combination of performance parameters and package footprint make the T1307 TCXO an ideal choice for mobile or airborne environments, and commercial and military applications that demand reliable, high performance under adverse shock and vibration conditions.

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