Vibration Alarm offers adjustable hysteresis and delays.

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DIN-rail mount iT 401 Alarm offers front panel LED readout, push button controls, and 3 programmable relays for vibration monitoring or process control. It operates with any 4-20 mA signal input directly from loop-powered sensor or vibration transmitter that converts accelerometer signals to 4-20 mA data. Used as part of condition based monitoring system or or connected directly to plant PLC or DCS, unit can directly operate smaller motors and valves.

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Wilcoxon Research Releases iT Alarm

Gaithersburg, MD - March 2005 - Wilcoxon Research, the leading supplier of quality vibration sensors, announces the release of the second unit in its Intelligent Transmitter Series, the iT 401Alarm. Wilcoxon's iT 401Alarm is a DIN-rail mountable alarm module with three programmable relays for vibration monitoring or Process Control with a front panel LED readout. The iT 401Alarm operates with 4-20 mA signals input directly from any loop- powered sensor, or from a vibration transmitter that converts traditional accelerometer signals to 4-20 mA data.

The iT Alarm can be used for machine monitoring, as a part of a Condition Based Monitoring system, or connected directly to a plant PLC or DCS to provide additional capability in Process Control programs. The iT Alarm accepts any 4-20 mA loop input, compares it against user-defined high or low setpoints, and signals when the vibration level deviates from acceptable levels.

The iT Alarm accepts 4-20 mA input from any data source, such as vibration, temperature, pressure, level, flow, force, and speed sensors. Pair the iT Alarm with Wilcoxon's iT Transmitter for greater versatility. Simply attach the iT Alarm to the DIN rail and plug it in to the iT Transmitter, and the two units automatically exchange data without another power source or external wiring. When used in conjunction with an iT Transmitter, the iT Alarm also provides redundant 4-20mA output and Sensor-BOV alarm capability to run additional controllers. A front panel LED is provided for both readout of setpoints during setup, and direct output of the 4-20 mA level during operation.

"The iT Alarm is an innovation we are particularly proud of at Wilcoxon," says Steve Wichtendahl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It is the most accurate and most powerful relay alarm of its kind, with a host of user- programmable settings that give Reliability and Process Control professionals maximum control over their facilities."

The innovative nature of Wilcoxon's iT Alarm can be easily seen in several features that are not available on any other manufacturer's vibration alarm. Push button front-panel controls on Wilcoxon's iT Alarm provide far greater programming accuracy than competitive products. Each relay can be user-programmed to 1%-accurate high and low alarm setpoints, with a 1V-accurate windowing for a third, BOV-type alarm. Trip points on competitive vibration alarms are typically set with a small screwdriver, making them less-than 10% accurate in the field.

Wilcoxon's iT Alarm also has the power to directly operate smaller motors and valves. Power relays allow Process Control Engineers to drive small motors with the iT Alarm, eliminating the need to link up with a PLC or DCS. Only the iT Alarm uses power relays with the capacity to switch 250VAC, 8A-resistive or 1/3HP inductive machines.

The iT Alarm is delivered with factory-set defaults, however each of three relays can be programmed to activate if the vibration exceeds user-defined limits. Each relay can also be user-programmed with adjustable delay timers up to 99 seconds, to eliminate false alarms that may result from temporary irregular vibrations, such as those that occur when a machine is powered. Additionally, users can set hysteresis levels, normal loop-levels to which the machine must return to before the alarm turns off. Setting hysteresis levels prevents an alarm from prematurely deactivating if vibration levels have not returned to normal.

Wilcoxon's iT Alarm is ideal for Process Control and Condition Based Monitoring programs that utilize vibration monitoring of fans, motors, pumps, blowers, compressors, chillers, gearboxes, and mixers, as well as many other industrial applications. Because the relay alarm can be used with any 4-20 mA signal input, however, its uses extend beyond condition-based vibration applications to process-control monitoring of vibration, temperature, pressure, level, flow, force, and speed.

The iT Alarm is part of Wilcoxon's Intelligent Transmitter Series of signal- conditioning modules that monitor machine health by trending the vibration of the machine. The iT Transmitter and iT Alarm operate independently or in conjunction with a third unit, the iT Communication Module, that reports trending data directly to a PC. The iT Communication Module will be released early this summer.

To purchase an iT Alarm, or for more information on the iT Series, or Wilcoxon's pledge of Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership, visit, call 1-800-WILCOXON, or send an email to

For over 40 years, Wilcoxon Research has been committed to providing innovative vibration instrumentation, backed by outstanding customer service and a generous warranty. Wilcoxon's Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership means that you won't waste time and money replacing failed sensors or waiting for items with long lead times. Wilcoxon Research is a subsidiary of UK-based Meggitt PLC, an international group of companies renowned for their specialized engineering skills.

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