Vibrating Spiral Elevator suits cleaning applications.

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Dual-direction Vibrating Spiral Elevator with controlled velocity descent trough prevents damage to fragile parts as they enter system. Features include stainless steel flights; adjustable angles; and corrosion resistant, heavy-duty, rubber isolation springs. Water-proof TENV vibrating motors with adjustable eccentric weights provide retention control, and overhead isolation minimizes vibration transmission.

Original Press Release:

Carman Industries Introduces Vibrating Spiral Elevator with Controlled Velocity Descent Infeed Trough

Jeffersonville, IN - Carman Industries announces the development of a Vibrating Spiral Elevator with a unique controlled velocity descent trough for preventing damage to fragile parts as they enter the system.

Product fed from the top onto the deep-angled descent trough travels gently down the trough, slowed by the upward action of the Vibrating Spiral Elevator. The bottom flights are either submerged in a solution for cleaning or in water for quenching applications. High density, low angle ascent troughs elevate the material and provide long retention times for drying as product emerges from the bath. For cleaning applications, steam jacketing heats the submerged troughs to enhance the efficiency of the cleaning solution. High density, spiral flighting design is ideal for applications with limited floor space.

Special features of this dual-direction Spiral Elevator include stainless steel flights for easy cleanability and long life, water-proof TENV vibrating motors with adjustable eccentric weights for retention control, adjustable attack angles, and corrosion resistant, heavy-duty rubber isolation springs. Overhead isolation minimizes vibration transmission and simplifies installation.

Carman Industries manufactures the most complete line of vibratory material handling and process equipment in the industry including Feeders, Bin Dischargers, Conveyors, Fluid Bed Processors, Drawdown Hoppers and Spiral Elevators.

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