Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor dries fibrous products.

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Equipped with natural frequency drive system that handles difficult-to-fluidize fibrous materials, unit employs long-stroke, low-frequency operation that positively conveys wet products through processor as drying occurs. Unit has thermal insulation system and construction that allows hood, air distribution/conveying deck, and plenum to expand independently. Rubber piston drive absorbs out-of-phase forces, and isolation springs support trough and reactive counterbalance.

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Carman Industries Offers Long-Stroke Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor to Dry Difficult-To-Handle Fibrous Products

Jeffersonville, IN - Carman Industries introduces a Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor with a long-stroke natural frequency drive system for handling difficult-to-fluidize fibrous materials. Its long-stroke, low-frequency operation positively conveys wet, fibrous products through the processor as drying occurs. Although not totally fluidized, uniform drying occurs as air at a controlled temperature passes through product conveying at a predictable rate.

Due to the distribution of drive forces, the natural frequency drive system is applicable to longer processors where concentrated drives are structurally inappropriate.

Features of this processor include a factory-installed thermal insulation system and construction allowing the hood, air distribution/conveying deck and plenum to expand independently. Carman's heavy duty rubber piston drive absorbs the large out-of-phase forces associated with starting and stopping and process retention control is accomplished by varying the fluid bed's operating speed using a frequency inverter.

Isolation springs supporting both the trough and reactive counterbalance simplify installation and virtually eliminate dynamic force transmission into supporting structures.

Carman Industries manufactures the most complete line of vibratory material handling and processing equipment in the industry including Feeders, Bin Dischargers, Conveyors, Fluid Bed Processors, and Spiral Elevators. All Carman equipment is fabricated under strict QC conditions and dynamically tested before shipment.

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