VIBCO Revolutionizes the Production of Vibrating Tables to Dramatically Reduce Lead Times

Vibrating tables are often critical components of production and product testing systems. VIBCO US-TT vibrating tables are now available to ship same or next day (vs. 2-4 weeks) and US-RD vibrating tables will ship within 10 business days (vs. 4-6 weeks). VIBCO manufactures a complete line of standard vibrating tables with an excellent reputation for quality and durability.

VIBCO ships its standard vibrators same or next day, but until recently vibrating tables were an exception, largely because of sophisticated engineering and a complex fabrication process. The result was long lead times - from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on table style and size.

The foundation of VIBCO's lean manufacturing effort is a company-wide mission to focus entirely on the voice of the customer. The table manufacturing team, led by David Waldeck, Fabrication Shop Supervisor, accepted the challenge of meeting customers' demands for shorter lead times for vibrating tables. Prior to the fabrication team's efforts, the lead time for standard VIBCO US-TT vibrating tables was 2-4 weeks and US-RD tables' lead time was 4-6 weeks. The VIBCO table team held a Kaizen (change for the better) event to examine their processes to find ways to dramatically reduce those lead times.

The Kaizen event included all members of the fabrication team, selected members of other production teams, and selected members of the engineering and administration teams. They examined the table fabrication process with the goal of finding faster, more efficient ways of completing the table manufacturing process. The event resulted in a 70% reduction in lead time with an increase in product quality and craftsmanship. The reduction was accomplished by removing muda (waste) from the process via improved build sequencing, location and availability of tools and materials, presentation and availability of raw materials from suppliers, and improved communication between administration, engineering, and the table fabrication team.

The great news for VIBCO customers is that VIBCO's high quality, patented, live-top vibrating tables can now be delivered faster with increased quality, durability and craftsmanship. US-TT vibrating tables are now available to ship same or next day (vs. 2-4 weeks) and US-RD vibrating tables will ship within 10 business days (vs. 4-6 weeks). That means that VIBCO customers will be able to have the vibrating tables that they want, exactly when they want them.

An added benefit of this dramatic reduction in the manufacturing and lead times of standard vibrating tables is that the table fabrication team now has increased capacity to focus on improving the process for manufacturing VIBCO's custom vibrating tables, too.

Founded in 1962, VIBCO, Inc. designs, manufacturers and markets a comprehensive range of heavy-duty electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators for construction and industrial use. The company also designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of vibratory plate compactors and rollers. The company is headquartered in Wyoming, RI, USA. For more details and contact information, go to

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