VIA Labs VL100 DP Alt-mode and PD Controller for USB Type-C(TM) Devices Passes USB-IF Compliance Testing

Support for DisplayPort Alternate Mode and Power Charge-Through make VIA Labs VL100 the Ideal Solution for USB-C Video Dongles and Multi-Function Docking Stations

Taipei, Taiwan, – VIA Labs, Inc., a leading supplier of SuperSpeed USB silicon, today announced that the VIA Labs VL100 DP Alt-mode PD Controller has achieved USB-IF Certification. On top of basic power negotiation capabilities which enable up 100W of power to be delivered across a USB Type-C™ connection, VL100 also supports USB Data Transfer and DisplayPort Alternate Mode on USB Type-C™. Featuring a scalable design and flexible firmware architecture, VL100 is suitable for applications ranging from basic USB Type-C™ Video Converter Dongles to advanced USB Type-C™ Multi-Function Docks, which simultaneously support Power Delivery, USB Data Transfer, and Video Output across a single USB Type-C™ connection.

A single VIA Labs VL100 DP Alt-mode PD Controller can be configured to support either one or two USB Power Delivery (PD) Ports, and with its integrated voltage regulators and USB Billboard device, VL100 offers the highest level of integration of any USB PD Controller on the market. In dual USB PD Port configuration, VL100 greatly simplifies Power Charge-Through designs by locally establishing and managing two independent USB PD contracts using its Unified Policy Engine. With Power Charge-Through, VL100 can connect to a USB PD-enabled Charger and charge a USB PD-enabled device while providing additional Data Transfer and Video Output capabilities.

“VIA Labs has been very focused on delivering quality and easy to use USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery Turnkey solutions,” said Terrance Shih, Product Manager, VIA Labs, Inc. “VL100 not only lowers BOM cost by integrating several formerly discrete components, but it also improves safety by reducing complexity and consolidating Power Policy Management to a single controller.”

VIA Labs VL100 Availability

VIA Labs VL100 DP Alt-mode PD Controller is in mass production and available in quantity now. For additional information or pricing, please contact your local VIA Labs sales representative or send an email to:

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Currently shipping VIA Labs USB Type-C™ products include VIA Labs VL150 Electronic-Marker for USB Type-C™ Cables and VIA Labs VP223 USB Type-C™ DFP Universal Charging Controller. VIA Labs offers a complete USB Type-C™ Turnkey solution and has shipped over 1 million USB Type-C™ products to date.

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VIA Labs, Inc is a leading supplier of SuperSpeed USB Silicon and is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA Technologies, Inc. As the world's first company to offer a complete USB 3.0 product portfolio, including USB 3.0 Host, Hub, and Device Controllers, VIA Labs has demonstrated leadership in developing and bringing USB and power-related technologies to market. In addition to USB Host, Hub, and Device Controllers, core product lines include new USB Type-C, Power Delivery, Charging, and Battery Management IC's.

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