VHF/UHF Radio Modem is designed or SCADA applications.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring software-configurable 12.5 or 6.25 kHz channels with respective maximum data rates of 42 and 21 kbps, RipEX Software Defined Radio with Linux OS allows data transmission speeds to 83 kbps in 25 kHz channel in 160-900 MHz bands. Ports include 2 COMs, Ethernet, and USB, and GPS option is available. Supplied in die-cast aluminum casing, radio operates from -40 to +70°C and can maintain connections over distances of 50+ km without line-of-sight visibility.

Original Press Release:

83 kbps/25 kHz VHF/UHF Radio Modem for SCADA Applications

RACOM has launched RipEX, the most advanced and highest-performing radio modem in its category. This Software Defined Radio with Linux OS has been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented.

RipEX allows data transmission speeds of up to 83 kbps in the 25 kHz channel in the 160 - 900 MHz bands. Software-configurable are also 12.5 or 6.25 kHz channels with maximum data rates of 42 and 21 kbps respectively. The user ports available include 2 COM's, Ethernet, a USB for service access as well as an integrated GPS option. Industrial strength rugged die-cast aluminium casing and military to industrial grade components, as well an operating temperature range from -40 to +70 °C make RipEX the product of choice in the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to its exceptional sensitivity (-98 dBm / 83 kbps / 25 kHz / BER 10e-6) and output power up to 10W, connections can be maintained over distances in excess of 50 km without line-of-sight visibility. Any unit can work simultaneously as a repeater and in addition any IP network (WLAN, Internet, etc.) can interconnect RipEX units.

RipEX is a native IP device with 2 interfaces (Radio and Ethernet) and a 2 COM port devices, capable of either Router or Bridge operating modes. A sophisticated anti-collision protocol is implemented on the Radio channel, so that simultaneous multi-master polling and report by exception is available.

RipEX comes complete with unique implementation of SCADA serial protocols (Modbus, IEC-101, DF1, Profibus etc.) where each packet is transferred as an acknowledged unicast with CRC32 data integrity control. For IP and serial communications, up to 5 terminal servers are available as well as a Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP convertor. User data can be encrypted using AES256.

RipEX comes with a web interface and multi-level documentation (balloon tips, on-line help, user manual, application notes), so anybody with basic IP knowledge can start up RipEX in just a few minutes. Other features include embedded diagnostics (statistic, historical graphs etc.), network management, HW alarm input and output, SNMP including generation of TRAP alarms when preset, all of which make network maintenance quite easy.

SW authorization keys allow you to add advance features (Router mode, 83 kbps, COM2, 10W) as needed, so you always pay only for what you need.

RipEX is suited to all SCADA and telemetric application such as the generation and distribution of Electricity, Water, Oil & Gas, for Smart grid, Windmills etc., transaction networks for POS & ATM, Lottery, not forgetting data transfer in meteorological applications etc.

RACOM has three main product lines: Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave links. For over 20 years RACOM has continued to be one of the leading players in the SCADA & Telemetry applications' global market of wireless data transfer and plays a significant role in setting development trends in this field.
Thousands of RACOM radio modems cover the world, from the Poles to the Equator in dozens of countries. For additional information, visit http://www.racom.eu/

About Radio Modems
Radio modems are devices used for wireless data transfer. Typically they utilize privately licensed channels in frequency bands between 140 - 960 MHz, thus giving guaranteed quality of service and the network being under the user's control with guaranteed capacity and behaviour at all times. As radio modems are independent of GSM and satellite network operators, no recurring cost is associated with data transfer. They are suitable for mission critical applications, and ideal for the frequent transmission of short messages.

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