Vertical Turning Machine handles parts to 200 mm diameter.

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Equipped with 25 kW, 4,000 rpm main spindle that delivers 250 Nm torque, Model VT250 is designed for turning, drilling, and threading of chucking, cast, or forged parts. Max work piece turning diameter is 7.87 in. and max length is 5.91 in. Machine provides direct-driven travel of 20.9 x 12.2 in. in X and Z axes and ±3.5 in. in Y axis. Equipped with integrated pick-up system, VT250 self-loads workpieces. Conveyor system stores up to 24 workpieces and moves work into pick-up position.

Original Press Release:

The New EMCO Vertical VT 250 for Vertical Turning

EMCO Maier is introducing its new line of heavy-duty vertical turning machines for production, the VT250, designed with integrated automation for complete machining of chucking, cast or forged parts to 200 mm dia. The machine will debut in North America at IMTS 2010, Booth 8748.

With its vertical, high-torque, high-power 25 kW (33,5 hp) 4000-rpm main spindle, the VT 250 makes turning, drilling and threading operations easy and keeps cycle times brief even in tough material. The VT250 main spindle torque is a strong 250 Nm.

Axis travel is direct-driven 20.9X12.2 in. in X and Z and +/- 3.5 in. in Y. Maximum work piece turning diameter is 7.87 in. and maximum length is 5.91 in.

The machine is of simple design with easy workpiece handling.

A rigid machine structure results in substantial cutting performance in serial production and is ideally suited for fine- and hard machining. Especially large roller guides in each axis guarantee excellent stability despite high loads.

The small-footprint VT 250, equipped with an integrated pick-up system, self-loads wokrpieces, saving the user the costs and programming time related to external automation.

A conveyor system, which can store up to 24 workpieces, moves the work into the pick-up position.

The tool turret can hold 12 VDI40 tools, each of which can be driven. The machine also has a carrier frame system in which customers can store up to 24 tools. The carrier frame moves the tools into the pick-up position.

There will be three versions of the VT 250 from basic to VT250 MY with direct-driven spindle, live tools and Y axis.

Two additional versions of the VT 250 are: VT 250 M (ISM) with driven tools and hollow spindle drive and the VT 250 MY (ISM) with a Y axis on top. Equipped with a hollow spindle drive instead of a belt drive, the two versions perform with a drive power of 29 kW. The VT 250 MY with Y axis offers a travel of 180(+/-90) mm.

The new VT 250 series employs the new, simple to operate and program Sinumerik 828D from Siemens. The EMCO ShopTurn interface makes is easy for shops to program their work.

The basic machine also includes a coolant device and a chip conveyor, which ensures optimal chip removal.

Versions of the EMCO Vertical VT 250:

EMCO Vertical VT 250 - Basic machine without driven tools with belt drive on the main spindle

EMCO Vertical VT 250 - Basic machine with driven tools and belt drive on the main spindle

EMCO Vertical VT 250 M (ISM) - Basic machine with driven tools and hollow spindle drive

EMCO Vertical VT 250 MY (ISM) - Basic machine with driven tools, Y axis and hollow spindle drive

About EMCO

Salzburg-based EMCO is one of Europe's leading machine tool manufacturers. Its two commitments "Made in the Heart of Europe" and "Design to Cost" are the main factors in the success of the international company, which represents excellent production quality and functional design. EMCO is part of A-TEC Industries AG and currently employs around 800 staff at a total of 4 production facilities in Austria, Germany and Italy.

About A-TEC Industries

Vienna listed A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG is a Vienna-based international industrial group with successful operations in drive technology, plant construction, metals and mechanical engineering. The Group currently employs around 13,800 people in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Serbia and Montenegro as well as in the USA, India and China.

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