Vertical Lift Module utilizes rack-and-pinion drive.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of handling column 10-40 ft high, Power Column 2 incorporates light pointer, 45° tilting tray, lift system, and electronic door with pass-code security. Controlled via touch-screen monitor, platform/extractor moves vertically within column, extracting item trays and bringing them down to pick window. With 880 lb capacity, each tray can measure 98 in. wide x 32 in. deep and is broken up into cells with adjustable dividers. SHARK software keeps track of all transactions.

Original Press Release:

FKI Logistex White Systems Introduces New Power Column 2 Vertical Lift Module

Automated storage and retrieval system enables high-capacity small item storage and picking in facilities with limited floor space

(Kenilworth, NJ, USA: August 13, 2003) White Systems (, an FKI Logistex® (LSE: FKI.L), member company and market leader in designing and building high-speed automated material storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), introduces the new Power Column 2 vertical lift module (VLM). Precision-designed with a rack-and-pinion drive and a light pointer that directs pickers to the exact location of their item, the Power Column 2 optimizes vertical space to deliver a high-density, small-footprint storage and retrieval solution.

Unlike conventional VLM's that use chain drives, the Power Column 2's rack-and-pinion drive allows pinpoint retrieval of item trays without adjustment. Capable of handling a column 10 feet to 40 feet high, the Power Column 2 features design options such as a tilt-tray that tilts up to 45 degrees, a lift system that adjusts the height of the pick tray, and an electronic door that uses pass-code security. Applications for the Power Column 2 include tool cribs, inventory security and management, and situations where small items like jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and electronic or auto parts need to be stored and retrieved.

The Power Column 2's platform/extractor works by moving vertically within the column, extracting item trays and bringing them down to a pick window. The trays have a capacity of 880 lbs. and can be up to 98 inches wide and 32 inches deep. Each tray is broken up into cells with adjustable dividers. Cells and their associated sizes are programmed into the command module's robust SHARK software, which keeps track of all transactions in and out of the trays.

For ease of use, the Power Column 2 is controlled through a touch-screen monitor. Directing the operator to the items in each tray with the light pointer, the Power Column 2 combines a variety of ergonomic tools to create an efficient and user-friendly solution for high-density item storage and picking.

"The Power Column 2 is hands down the best new product the VLM market has to offer. No other VLM can compete with our patented ergonomic operator interface, which features adjustable height, a tilt-tray function and a light pointer for additional operator efficiency," said Richard Lanpheare, Product Manager of White Systems, Inc.

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