Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines deliver high throughput rates.

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Featuring PC-based architecture, servo motion control, and automatic setup capabilities, Morpheus (continuous motion) and Apollo (intermittent motion) respectively process bag sizes from 2–12 in. wide to 2–20 in. long and 2–12 in. wide to 3–14 in. long. Morpheus has max rated throughput of 180 bags/min throughput, and Apollo can be upgraded to continuous motion for 150+ bags/min production. PackML programming language and ProTech by Pro Mach™ support and service are standard.

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Matrix Showcases Productivity Enhancements for the Morpheus and Apollo Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines - The Company's Fastest and Most Versatile Technology - At Pack Expo 2015

The Morpheus continuous motion and Apollo intermittent motion machines are built on the company’s next generation platform that features small footprint, high-speed operation, PC-based architecture with the latest in servo motion control, and the PackML programming language.

(Matrix Pack Expo Booth C-3323)

SAUKVILLE, Wis. – Matrix Packaging Machinery, powered by Pro Mach, showcases at Pack Expo, September 28-30 in Las Vegas, the first in a series of new automatic setup capabilities for the Morpheus continuous motion and Apollo intermittent motion vertical form-fill-seal machines. The company also announced that the Apollo can now be cost effectively upgraded to continuous motion at any time in the future when higher than 150 bags per minute production speed is required. An upgraded Apollo would be equal to Morpheus at up to 180 bags per minute throughput. (Matrix Pack Expo Booth C-3323)

“What we’ve done is give Apollo customers an economical migration path,” said Marc Willden, Vice President and General Manager, Matrix. “The Apollo will support production requirements as the customers’ business expands.”

Both the Morpheus and Apollo are built on Matrix next generation technology that offers such core attributes as small footprint to conserve floor space, high-speed operation for greater throughput, PC-based architecture with the latest in servo motion control for exacting operation and fast changeover, and the PackML programming language, which gives commonality to packaging machine operator interface and machine-to-machine communication.

Morpheus machines are capable of running films that require longer seal times while still yielding high throughput, making it ideal for applications such as frozen, fresh cut, and individually quick frozen (IQF) foods. Morpheus can run bag sizes from 2-12 inches (51-305 mm) wide to 2-20 inches (51-508 mm) long; Apollo processes bags 2-12 inches (51-305 mm) wide to 3-14 inches (76-356 mm) long.

Morpheus showcases new automatic setup features

The first in a series of automatic setup features for next generation machines will be showcased on the Morpheus at Pack Expo. Automatic setup removes the potential for operator error, helps to improve package quality, and decreases changeover time. For example, Matrix has engineered automatic setup for the vacuum pull belts on the Morpheus. Vacuum pull belts grip and pull the film through the machine to specified lengths. Precise setup is essential to bag forming consistency.

Remote OEE monitoring and tech support and service

Morpheus and Apollo will now be equipped with ProTech by Pro Mach™, the new Pro Mach secure remote overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring and remote tech support and service capability. Remote service can help fix problems or modify settings in a matter of minutes or hours, not days as with an onsite visit by a technician. In terms of OEE, customers will be able to access customized dashboards of operating parameters from mobile phones or tablets in order to have the latest data on the machine’s efficiency. In the future, ProTech by Pro Mach will have predictive maintenance features. These new secure/remote capabilities are the latest advancements in the Pro Mach ProCustomer program, which aims to be the benchmark of support initiatives in the packaging industry. Both the Morpheus and Apollo machines will be demonstrating ProTech by Pro Mach at Pack Expo.

The Triton is also at Pack Expo

The Matrix Triton will also be on display at Pack Expo. The Triton is a wash-down vertical form-fill-seal machine that can help fresh produce packagers of all sizes and individual needs increase uptime, decrease waste, and improve overall efficiency. The Triton is rated at cycle speeds up to 100 bags per minute. Bag sizes range from a minimum of 2 inches wide by 3 inches long (51 by 76 mm) to 18 inches wide by 23 inches (457 by 584 mm) long. This competitively priced vertical-form-fill seal machine is ultra-heavy duty for long service life. Available options include a load shelf for heavier bags and a gas flushing system for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications that prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Triton is compatible with ProTech by Pro Mach remote monitoring.

For more information on the innovative Matrix Morpheus, Apollo, and Triton call 888-628-7491, and visit for the full range of Matrix offerings. And, stop by the Pack Expo Booth C-3323.

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Matrix Packaging Machinery is an industry-leading manufacturer known for vertical form-fill-seal, pre-made pouch, horizontal roll-stock pouch, and stickpack and sachet packaging machines. Since 1988 Matrix has built a solid reputation for delivering rugged, well-engineered, cost competitive, and easy-to-use packaging systems backed by outstanding customer support. Matrix solutions are in operation throughout the world, handling a wide range of products in very diverse conditions.

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Pro Mach is a leading provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies. Through its brands, Pro Mach provides product packaging and processing equipment, PMMI certified training, installation, parts, and service in Bottling & Capping, Primary Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Material Handling, Identification & Tracking, and End-of-Line Packaging.

Pro Mach has a diverse customer base, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, privately-held businesses worldwide, which depend on reliable, flexible, technologically advanced equipment and integrated solution sets. Pro Mach is headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, with manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. For more information about Pro Mach, visit

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