Vertical Conveyor handles heavy products and fasteners.

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Positioned at 95° angle, Ultra-Feed™ UF-3060 Metal Bucket Hopper/Conveyor is designed for heavy products, such as fasteners and hardware, and can also handle items that have harsh corners or sharp edges. Steel buckets eliminate possibility of damage from products, and vertical conveyor forces buckets to carry weight in order to minimize strain on conveyor mechanism itself. Also, design eliminates parts jamming by dropping product into enclosed steel buckets.

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Advanced Poly-Packaging Releases New Product Solution Engineered for Fasteners

(Akron, OH) – Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. announced the release of a new heavy duty bulk loading system.

The UF-3060 Metal Bucket Hopper/Conveyor is designed for heavy products such as fasteners and hardware, including items that have harsh corners or sharp edges. Those types of products are known to damage cleated compartment conveyors, leading to more maintenance and a relatively short life. It is also engineered to eliminate parts jamming by dropping product into enclosed steel buckets.

“We’ve never had a conveyor that has handled bulk parts very well,” said Advanced Poly-Packaging President Stuart Baker. “We’ve always had to limit how much product can go in the hopper.”

Baker said the conveyor is virtually indestructible from two standpoints. First, the buckets are made of steel, eliminating the possibility of damage from products. Second, the vertical nature of the conveyor forces the buckets to carry the weight, allowing almost no strain on the conveyor mechanism itself.

The new conveyor was also designed to be a less cumbersome component than most of its counterparts because the conveyor is positioned at a 95° angle.

“Our previous hoppers, and many others on the market, for that matter, have taken up a lot of real estate,” said Baker. “This one handles a lot of weight in a much smaller footprint.”

The UF-3060 offers a third option to the company’s Ultra-Feed™ series conveyors. The hopper is built into the conveyor in the original version, making it ideal for lighter objects.

The second option is for medium duty use. In that configuration, the hopper is mounted to a stand with a vibratory pan feeder. Unlike the two other options, the new product can also handle fasteners that are coated with oil or other chemical treatments because they will not damage the steel buckets.

Baker expects the UF-3060 to become an integral part of Advanced Poly’s UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter, US-9000 Automatic Vibratory Bowl Net-Weigh/Counting Scale and UCS-2400 UltraCount Scale.

The UF-3060 will be on display and operational at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas, NV, October 21-23 in at booth 647.

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Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. creates custom bagging solutions through its engineering, programming and technical service capabilities for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, hobby/craft, jewelry, fastener, tool, cosmetic and other industries.  The company’s complete line of bagging and auxiliary equipment includes tabletop baggers, production bagging machines and fully customized systems that can include a range of scales, parts counters and conveyors.  The company also specializes in film extrusion, flexographic printing, and poly bag conversion to produce custom high-quality poly bags.  Advanced Poly-Packaging is headquartered in Akron, OH and coordinates European sales and distribution from a satellite office in England.

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