Vertical Bag Packager offers multiple bag style options.

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Accommodating food and non-food applications, SVI series can produce bags with corner seal or doy style bags with optional zippers. Intermittent machines do not require height or dosing platform adjustments when package style is changed, which reduces downtime. For production of several standard bag styles, operator changes forming set. SVI 4020 packages bag sizes with 400 mm max width, and SVI 2620 forms bags with 260 mm max width. Both have 10-120 bags/min output rating.

Original Press Release:

New Bosch SVI Vertical Bagger Provides Numerous Bag Style Options

  • Easy in-field upgrade to corner sealing
  • Low machine height enables higher production speed and increases Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Economic entry model with multiple in-field upgrade options

    The machine's low height and the numerous in-field upgrade options make the new SVI vertical bagger series from Bosch Packaging Technology ideal for a wide range of food and non-food applications. This combination allows the intermittent SVI machines to produce bags with corner seal and doy style bags with optional zippers. For corner sealing, the manufacturer can upgrade the machine with an additional module. The production of a doy style bag can be easily performed by turning the machine cross seal jaws to a 90 degree postion. Whenever the package style is changed, there is no need to adapt the machine height or dosing platform. Theis efficient changeover reduces machine downtime during format change and increases the overall performance of the equipment.

    For the produciton of several standard bag styles the operator simply changes the forming set. This flexibility allows manufacturers to produce a high variety of packaging styles for point-of-sale diversity with a very short time to market. The SVI series is designed to package an unlimitied range of food and non-food products, such as powders, bakery and confectionery items, tea, coffee, fresh pasta, as well as pet food and non-food products such as detergents.

    The SVI series consists of two machines for packaging different format ranges: the SVI 4020 packages bag sizes with a maximum 400 mm width, while the SVI 2620 forms a bag with a maximum 260 mm width. The machines have an output ranging from 10 to 120 bags per minute.

    "The uniqueness of the SVI series is its combination of low machine height, and bag format flexibility due to its versatile upgrade capabilitites," say Eric Aasen, Product Line Manager Vertical at Bosch Packaging Technology. "The series is the most cost-effective and competitive solution for customers looking to increase their production efficiency and differentiate their products at point-of-sale with a diverse choice of bag shapes and styles."

    The flexible SVI series offers heat sealing and polysealing options, with freely adjustable sealing temperatures according to product specification. The various up and downstream interfaces are part of Bosch's modular machine design concept (Module++), which allows the easy integration with other packaging machine modules into an efficient packaging line
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