Versatile VariClamp Vise Gets a Firm Grip on Odd-Shaped Parts

Low-profile moveable jaws and an array of gripper forms combine for custom clamping of irregular, round, elliptical, rectangular, curved, stepped and slanted workpieces. Clamping force multiplier/limiter provides one to four tons of repeatable grip force.

Lexington, KY — OML's VariClamp modular clamping system uses a floating mechanism of fixed and moveable jaws and a wide variety of gripper forms to provide custom clamping of irregular-shaped workpieces, including round, curved, elliptical, rectangular, stepped and slanted parts. Available from Lexair Inc., VariClamp vises can be configured with any combination of fixed or swiveling jaws, and various styles and heights of grippers – including smooth, serrated, soft, high, and with or without stops. Grippers are added via holes placed throughout the vise to conform to the part shape, and holes are capped and covered when not in use. A swivel mechanism incorporated into the moveable jaw allows for easy clamping of slanted and rough-surfaced parts. The super-low profiles of the fixed and moveable jaws also allow clamping of thin workpieces for heavy duty cutting and precision processing.

VariClamp vises are available with an optional mechanical clamping force multiplier/limiter that sets the grip force from one to four tons. Operators can easily set and maintain the grip force to prevent part distortion and establish accurate, repeatable clamp force with a simple, one-handed turn.

Available in three sizes (100 mm, 130 mm and 160 mm), VariClamp's wide opening and compact length make it particularly suitable for use with machining centers. An expanding chip cover prevents chips from falling into the lead-screw and inside the vise.

These rugged vises are made of GGG-60 ductile iron with a tensile strength of 80,000 psi (60 kg/mm2). The vise bed is flame hardened to HRC 45 for long-term accuracy, jaws are hardened and ground to HRC 52~55.

Lexair representatives will help configure a VariClamp system to meet the workholding requirements of specific parts. For details, see or call 859-255-5001.


Steve Breslin

Jeff Drum

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