Versatile T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool Proves Its Worth in Pressure Situations, Satisfied Customer Reports

NEW YORK - C. Spurlock of Seattle recently wrote to rescue and survival tool manufacturer StatGear ( in praise of the company's signature product, the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool ( He described how an ordinary commute became a harrowing ordeal when he witnessed a truck flip onto its roof. The driver was trapped by her own seatbelt, and other good Samaritans were powerless to free her - that is, until Mr. Spurlock sliced through the belt with his T3.

"I have never felt so confident in a product," he remarked. "What you have created is amazing." Mr. Spurlock also explained that while he has special training in emergency response, having the right tool in hand provides invaluable peace of mind. Had he not been on the scene with his T3, it's unlikely that the truck's passengers could have been extracted so swiftly.

The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is designed for quickly freeing oneself or others from a vehicle. The steel tip window punch easily breaks auto glass on the first attempt, no brute strength required. Whereas similar tools only provide a solid steel nub, the T3 features a spring-loaded mechanism to deliver a shattering impact. A stainless steel hook blade makes short work of seatbelts, as Mr. Spurlock discovered. The tool also includes a 3.25-inch half-serrated blade, a bright LED light with replaceable batteries and a stainless steel belt clip and nylon belt sheath.

Although it was designed by a first responder, the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool can be used by anyone. StatGear recommends making the tool part of an emergency preparedness kit. The tool is particularly useful in a submerged vehicle situation; many people are unaware of just how difficult it is to break a car's window, or how rising panic can make simple tasks like getting out of a seatbelt almost impossible.

Outside of vehicles, the T3 makes an excellent survival knife and flashlight without being needlessly bulky. 440C stainless steel components means the tool boasts the strength and durability that any user would expect.

The media buzz around the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool has been significant. The lifesaving multifunction tool has been featured in Men's Health,,, Outdoor Life, Ambulance World and the Journal of EMS.

About StatGear

StatGear was created in 2010 by Avi Goldstein, a practicing New York City Paramedic, with the intent of developing and manufacturing innovative tools for the Rescue/Survival industries.

Today, StatGear's range of survival products are designed to meet the needs of diverse market sectors, including EMS, Fire and Police supply, Hardware, Auto Accessory, Sporting Goods and Survival/Preparedness.


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