Versatile, eco-friendly, and cost-effective - with their wide range of upgrade options, noax IPCs are the perfect choice for any new application

Thanks to their rugged design and long product life, noax industrial PCs are a safe investment for the future. They also have the ability to be upgraded to meet all of your needs. With the option to replace a variety of components in just a few steps, the rugged noax hardware provides exactly what you need to handle new applications using equipment that has been tested for years. The countless upgrade options also mean that IT administrators are in a position to provide flexible and more cost-effective support in various situations.

noax industrial PCs have been renowned for their reliable operation and long product life from the beginning. As a result, they can frequently be found in a variety of business sectors that place a high value on these characteristics. Circumstances within a company may change over the course of the product’s lifecycle, for example, you may need to expand production processes, change the operating system, or have the IPCs control other machines. In this instance, companies do not have to worry about investing large sums of money in new hardware because they can adapt their existing noax industrial PCs to suit their new circumstances by making the appropriate upgrades to the hardware. Hardware including interfaces, PCI/PCI express slots, connection cards, memory media such as hard drives and SSDs, and even the random access memory can all be modified and enhanced to meet your requirements.

The industrial PCs can be easily updated by any IT administrator. noax uses its own motherboards within its industrial PCs, our clear PCB design is straightforward. This means that the essential components can be easily replaced in just a few steps. As a result, IT specialists can change components themselves – in line with ESD guidelines, of course – without any loss of warranty. The process is simplified further by the secure connector systems used as standard in all noax IPCs. These connector systems offer the added benefit of allowing noax to avoid cable connections that are prone to failure. In conventional computers, cable connections such as these can come loose easily, and this type of issue represents the primary cause of system failure in computers offered by other manufacturers. In contrast, the unique connector

systems found in noax industrial PCs ensure that all components will function together perfectly.

Companies can benefit in countless different ways thanks to the simple process of upgrading their industrial hardware. The most obvious benefit is, of course, financial, as companies can save money by not having to invest in new equipment to update their IPC. IT administrators are able to complete entire upgrades on their own, meaning little downtime for your company. Interruptions to business processes will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The product life of the industrial PCs is extended significantly by modifying them to incorporate new components, allowing you to save on a variety of resources as a result. Ultimately, it is thanks to the versatility of the noax IPCs; they make an active contribution to increasing sustainability within the IT industry. Companies that use noax IPCs are in a position to benefit not only from a high level of flexibility, longer service life, and minimal costs, but also from the knowledge that they are making a clear contribution to the environment in the process.

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