VeriFone UX Solutions First Payment Systems Certified for Interac Flash® 1.5 Requirements

MSC launches UX devices for unattended, self-service payment applications in North America

San Jose, Calif. – VeriFone Systems, Inc. (NYSE: PAY), announced today that its UX Solutions series of unattended payment devices has achieved an industry-first certification to Canada's first and only contactless debit payment solution, the Interac Flash 1.5 contactless payment specifications. MSC, a VeriFone distribution partner that provides solutions for the entire unattended market in Canada and the U.S., has selected devices within the UX series to support its next-generation EMV capable, PCI compliant unattended payments solution which will include support for Interac Flash transactions.

Interac products and services securely connect people to their money through Interac® Cash at the ABM, Interac Debit for point-of-sale purchases across Canada and at more than 2 million U.S. retailers through Cross Border Debit, Interac Online for web based purchases, and Interac e-Transfer® for person-to-person payments. Interac Flash, the secure contactless enhancement of Interac Debit, is in widespread use at retailers across Canada and provides the platform for mobile NFC proximity payments. 

UX Solutions is a series of unattended payment devices from VeriFone that enables merchants to meet growing consumer demand for self-service transactions by providing customizable payment systems that securely increase transaction volume and speed and accept payments from mobile wallets, mag-stripe cards as well as contactless and contact-based EMV. The devices can be integrated with unattended solutions such as kiosks, vending machines, public transportation ticketing and other unattended, high-transaction-volume environments.

"UX Solutions are an ideal first implementation of the Interac Flash contactless payment system," said Shan Ethridge, vice president and general manager, North America Financial Services Group, VeriFone. "And, based on its long-term relationship with VeriFone and its expertise in delivering unattended payment products, MSC is the ideal partner to introduce UX-based solutions to the North American market."

"Secure unattended payments is a rapidly emerging segment in high demand and we are ready and eager to roll out UX-based solutions to continue meeting this demand across North America," said Doug Hatton, Vice President of Payment Solutions for MSC.

The UX series provides for flexible configuration of self-service systems, as well as added benefits of field-upgradeability, tamper resistance and multiple connectivity options that meet the broad range of unattended payment requirements. UX Solutions fulfills the latest security standards, including PCI PTS 3.1 and EMV Levels 1 and 2, in addition to Interac Flash. Integrated LCD screens guide consumers through transactions and securely display payment amounts while providing merchants the ability to upsell through targeted messaging.

Devices within the UX series include the:

UX 100 PIN pad with integrated LCD screen

UX 110 PIN pad

UX 300 card insertion reader

UX 400 contactless/NFC acceptance unit

Alex Shorter

Ext. Communications Manager

VeriFone, Inc.


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