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Ventless Fire Hoods Offer New Freedom to Commercial Kitchens

With a powerful explosion in the East Village in New York City on Thursday, which caused two buildings to collapse and ignited a large fire that quickly spread to neighboring buildings, there is no better time to heed the importance of safe, quality and reliable appliances installed by a reputable contractor, such as Master Fire Prevention.

In order to keep that badge of honor, Master Fire Protection continues to evolve in its field by offering certified Type-1 Recirculating Hoods to its arsenal of products. Constructed of durable stainless steel which features a proven electrostatic air filtration process that exceeds emission requirements. Designed specifically for use on counter-top spaces, the Counter-Top Ventless Hood provides an easy to clean unit that runs on electricity (not gas) and allows food operations to appear anywhere, protected by the safety of high-quality product and installation that Master Fire Prevention has built their reputation on.

The Four (4) Multi-Stage filtration system touts:

• Stainless steel Double Baffle Filter that removes large grease particulate and drains condensate to collection cup.

• Electrostatic Air Cleaner (EAC) electrically charges grease and smoke particulate in the air stream, allowing it to be collected on plates within the cell.

• Disposable activated Charcoal Filter helping to eliminate cooking aromas from recirculated air.

• An Optional UV Lamp to sanitize discharge air and the hood plenum area to further aid in controlling odor.  

Contact Master Fire Prevention for a consultation or to learn more about Counter-Top Ventless Hoods.

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