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Vent Flare Gas Flowmeter ensures compliance via measurement.

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Mar 11, 2014 - Meeting challenges of oil & gas exploration companies, Vent Flare Gas Flow Meter can be used to assess if venting systems are operating properly and in accordance with mandated guidelines as set forth by EPA under 40 CFR 98 Sub Part W. This flow metering system monitors and measures vented gaseous emission out of flare.

Thermal Instrument Company - Trevose, PA

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Cost Effective Solution for Vent Flare Gas Measurement

Press release date: Mar 07, 2014

New Vent Flare Gas Flow Meter from Thermal Instrument Meets the Demanding Challenges of a Major Oil & Gas Exploration Company

Flare gas systems are most often designed to burn large quantities of gas resulting from an inventory removal method of storage or process units during upset or emergency conditions. These flare gas systems are used throughout the oil & gas industry from upstream process areas at the wellhead sites to the refineries downstream.  Measuring vent flare gas can be difficult for traditional flow measurement technologies.  Most of the flow rates in these flare gas applications have low flow with an occasional high erratic increase during upset conditions.  Some of the adversities encountered in these flow measurement applications of gas are wide flow ranges with variation, varying gas composition, and low pressure drop through the flow meter.  This application requires a flow technology that can provide not only a wide turn down ratio, but also the ability to measure the low velocities reliably and accurately under changing gas compositions.

Why is this flow measurement so important?
Measuring the vent flare gas at the wellhead site provides critical data to oil and gas exploration companies. This quantifiable flow measurement provides the environmental compliance for government agencies, as well as operational data to provide insight into possible upset conditions. Additionally, this measurement provides the land owner and the state with important allocation production data.

Burning off waste gases through the use of a vent or flare system is quite common in the hydrocarbon industry like oil & gas (shale gas extraction), chemical, refining, natural gas plants, landfills, and even environmental waste treatment sites.   The clear and resounding message from government agencies is that these emissions must be monitored and recorded down to the rate and totalized flow of these flare gases prior to exhaustion to the flare.

In order to make sure that these venting systems are operating properly, and in accordance with mandated guidelines, as set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency under 40 CFR 98 Sub Part W, it is required to have a flow metering system monitoring and measuring that vented gaseous emission out of the flare.  One flow technology that presents itself as a viable and befitting solution for this measurement of vented or flared gas is a thermal mass flow meter.

Thermal Instrument Company has supplied thermal mass flow meters to help effectively manage these vent flare applications. If you would like to find out more about these applications and how our meters are being used, please contact Jerry Boisvert at or 215-355-8400.